Thursday, December 18, 2008

keep going

i really was oscar the grouch yesterday. when i got back to the city, i had an email from one of the companies. a rejection email! surprisingly i'm not that bummed about the job. i feel a sense of peace because i know. knowledge is power. anyway, being turned down motivated me to send an email to the other company, asking about the status of the job and just mentioning again why i'm the best person for the job. maybe being pushy like that is a good idea, maybe not. it can't hurt. at least now if they haven't chosen a candidate yet, i will be in their mind as a motivated person. and i feel like i've done everything i possibly can, so there is no self-doubt. if i get the job, i will be ecstatic. and if not, i will try to convince myself that it wasn't meant to be, and that something else will come along soon.

last night my book club potluck was a great success. there was lots of yummy food and fun times. it was a big mess but i cleaned it up pretty fast by dumping all the leftover food. what is the point of keeping it if i'm not going to eat it. like leftover slices of homemade pizza, spinach dip, those little baked appetizers, etc. there were also some cookies and holiday treats, but i think they were re-partied to begin with. and not really that good or exciting. i wouldn't re-party them, because i wouldn't want to say they were leftovers, and i definitely wouldn't want to imply that i made them! so into the garbage they went.

tonight is my boyfriend's holiday work party. i am bringing the cookies i made (all four kinds from the kraft website listed a few posts back) and lower fat oreos half dipped in melted white chocolate and sprinkled with green sprinkles. yummo :)

yesterday i didn't get in any exercise, but i woke up early this morning and swam for 30 minutes. i really didn't want to but once i started it was fine... better than fine... good!

apparently the city is being attacked by "snowmageddon" tomorrow morning and all day. i didn't make up that word... the weather people did!


Jen said...

well that is okay about the one job because I am SUPER positive for you for the other one!!!!

I hope your party is fun tonight!!

i would want to be a re-cookier either...

Vanessa said...

I hope you get the other job!

Have fun tonight :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Rotten buggers sent an email? Boooo. You don't want to work for those impersonal automatons anyway!


You made the Mrs Furious Oreos!! I wanted to do those but with all my travelling it just seemed like a pain in the bum. Enjoy!!

SeaBreeze said...

OMG, you're awesome. My BF calls me Oscar when I am grouchy and yesterday my facebook status was " Oscar today."

fittingbackin said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job - but good for you for reaching out to the other company. I hope you hear back soon! "re-partied"?! I love that - never heard it before but will use it! Oooh - I hope you took a picture of all of the treats you made!! Hmmm I think I like repartied better than snowmageddon - but that's pretty funny, too!

Sara said...

I'm glad that you got the rejection and that it gave you some closure!

It was a great idea to send that email, fyi!

Hope you had a blast last night and are getting through snowmageddon!

P.O.M. said...

Have a blast tonight. Are you dressing up?

Crystal said...

Snowmageddon-I like that! I remember many times living in MN when snowmageddon would hit. It's always great when you're a kid and only great as an adult if you can stay home and enjoy it.