Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my tree is a cat toy

so i put up my tree last night. i think it looks smaller than 3 feet but it's still cute. it's decorated all in gold. i decided to forgo the red bows because they looked kind of tacky and even though they are small were dwarfing the tree. i also wrapped presents while i watched biggest loser.

i also put up this wall decal i ordered a while ago. i have been scared to put it up for weeks, and with good reason. it was a nightmare. first i had to cut it up the way i wanted, then tape it to the wall to make it look alright, and of course the tape kept unsticking. then i had to take it off the wall, press any bubbles out with a credit card, remove the backing, and then try to apply this clear sticky paper to the wall exactly where i had it the last time. it kept sticking everywhere and generally annoying me. it ended up not looking perfectly straight but still beautiful in my opinion. here is a picture of the wall decal i bought. this isn't my house, but i will post a picture of my wall (and baby tree) soon. it's called "birds on a wire" and i set mine up to look exactly like this:

my cat, oliver, won't stop playing with the balls on the tree. i have spritzed water at him about 500 times thus far but it doesn't seem to be deterring him for longer than a few minutes at a time. he even runs away when he sees the spray bottle, but i think it just revs him up for some excitement that i'm not really providing. does anyone have any tips?

this morning i am at my mom's office, and i have another job interview this afternoon. yes, another one! and then my final "a-line" skirt sewing class tonight. it already is looking pretty awesome. maybe i will wear it tomorrow and impress my mother. it's so long though, i look like a farmer. hopefully we are shortening them tonight.

yesterday was another completely on plan day. marvelous! i am feeling very on top of the ball and accomplished. i just need to make it until friday and then i can slack off a little.


Sara said...

I love that decal - good for you for putting it up - it sounded too hard for this gal!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

LOVE the wall decal. We were looking at a cool paisly one for DBF's den room, but I'd forgotten all about it...have to go looking again.

Jen said...

Some decals are MUCH easier than others but I have had a few nightmare ones like the one you described!!!

I WISH I had some good advice for the kitty/tree one cat won't go near the tree...the kitten though LOVES it!!! He climbs up it!!! and he knocked a few glass balls off mine :( I have tried water (to the point where he runs away when he sees the bottle as well) and I have sprayed orange scented stuff around...all sorts of things...I even stationed the dog in front of the tree...but the kitten snuck around him and then not only did I have a 7 lb cat in the tree but an 85 lb dog trying to get in at him...DISASTER!!!