Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tis the season!

hello friends. tis the season to be busy which i why i forgot to post today. until now! and i've been lacking in the commenting department as well, but i plan on catching up today and tomorrow. all of your blogs are waiting in my google reader!

yesterday i stuck 100% to my eating plan, even with my boyfriend tempting me at night. i didn't put one bite in my mouth that wasn't planned and it felt so good. except when he was eating in front of me. that's old news (yesterday) and i don't care about it anymore. having one great day under my belt makes it so easy to do well today.

today i bought my very own (and first) christmas tree and decorations. canadian tire had a great sale. i got a pre-lit 3-foot tree for $9.99, 60% off regular price. and a package of mixed gold decorations for $9.99, 50% off regular price. and some small red bows to jazz it up a little.

my big plans tonight include setting up my tree, and watching biggest loser. last week evil vicki actually showed some emotion - can you believe it?

hmmmm, what else? i am having a love affair with tea. it's so wonderful and warm. and it's perfect for tasting whatever you want to taste with no calories. peppermint, pumpkin spice, sugar cookie, vanilla, gingerbread... etc. i even have a flavour called "chocolately chai" which is heavenly and really chocolately.


Randi said...

Congrats on the perfect day! That's awesome. Plus great deal on the tree. We should have just bought a little one, but we bought like a 7 foot tree and therefore haven't set it up for the last 2 years. No room.

Vanessa said...

Good job on the perfect day! You rock. Nice deal on the Christmas tree too!

That chocolate chai tea sounds delicious!

Jen said...

MMM, you just made me want to put some tea on...I think I will now...

Yeah, like Randi, we bought a 7.5 ft tree...it's insane...and I am forever fluffing branches...and well, the kitten thinks we set it up for him and he is in absolutely joy...I found him at eye level in the tree the other day (and I am 5'5"! that's pretty high for a little kitty!!!)

You are awesome for staying on plan yesterday, seriously awesome!! All it takes is one GREAT day!!!

Erin said...

I had that PC Chocolatey Chai the other day, and it was really good! Have fun decorating!

fittingbackin said...

Congrats on your perfect day and your first tree! Very exciting!! And it sounds super cute - you'll have to send a pic. I'm watching the biggest loser now... love it. I can't decide if I want to put up a tree this year. Hmmm. I didn't do one last year because we were skiing/getting married/etc. so I should probably do it, huh? Hmmm.

healthy ashley said...

I bet I'd love that chai tea!

Congratulations on sticking to plan. It feels so good when you do it despite temptation!

Shirls said...

who makes the chocolately chai?? dying to know!

congrats on your first tree!

Carolyn said...

Ooohhh take pics of the tree! We want to see!! I LOVE Christmas!!

Congrats on the perfect day and boo to your bf for trying to bring you to the dark side (I've been watching Star wars on TV this week)

I think I might try flavored tea. I've never had a cup in my life but I LOVE flavored coffee so it can't be that much of a stretch eh?

Mrs Furious said...

"last week evil vicki actually showed some emotion - can you believe it? "
I know. Finally she acted like she actually missed her kids.
The refusal to jump into the water this week?... total drama queen.