Friday, December 12, 2008

a little stressed

sorry i didn't post yesterday. i am draining my own mental energy. here is the scoop going through my head right now.

i am in line for two jobs. both have good aspects and bad aspects. one pays more, but i think in my mind i've decided i'd prefer the other one. they are both in my field, but very different career paths. i had one interview for the job i'd prefer on wednesday, and i think they are deciding soon, because they said they wanted someone to start working by the end of next week. yesterday, i had the second interview for the other job and they are choosing between three candidates. they will let me know on monday for sure.

now, here is where my mental stress begins. what if i am offered both jobs? what if i am offered the job on monday and not offered the other job until it is too late to accept or not accept the first one? what if i am offered neither job!?!?!?! it could happen. after my interviews i was thinking gung ho, thinking i'd be offered both. but the more time passes, the more i am second guessing myself.

the rational side of my brain is telling me not to worry. i can't do anything about it until monday at the very earliest, unless something happens this afternoon. i hope it does. it would be the greatest holiday gift if i could start the new year with a new job.

anyway. today is friday weigh in and i am down another 2.4 from last week, which means i am very close to the bottom of my maintenance range, and the lowest number i've ever seen. i had a cookie to celebrate. it was free at the bank ;) now my holiday goal is just to stay within my range. i have some wiggle room and i'm ready to paaarrrrrtteeeeee! :)

i found some very exciting holiday treats on the kraft website. i am all about the least amount of ingredients and baking possible.

check it out:
chocolate clusters: my mom used to make these (except with no butter or peanut butter) and they are heavenly. the best of sweet and salty and crunchy too.
merry meringues: the cooking part is a bit time consuming, but easy and low calorie too. and i just looooooovvveeee meringues.
teddy s'more bark: if this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen! so cute. not really christmasy, but who cares!
no bake holly cookies: amazing! and look how cute they are. i imagine they taste like rice crispy treats.


Bi0nicw0man said...

You know, it's perfectly acceptable to let the 2nd job know that you are entertaining an offer from somewhere else and that they will be for sure telling you on Monday so maybe they could tell you sooner if they will be offering to you as well.

That was conveluded, but I think it makes sense.


Good luck and wouldn't it be a great Xmas prezzie to get a job?!

Jen said...

Neat stuff!!!! I want to try those meringues as well...I love them but they are expensive to buy and time consuming to make (but cheap!!!)

I agree, with Jaime!!! I hope that is your christmas gift!!!! And I wouldn't worry (though I always do!!!)

Sara said...

Jaime is right - you can definitely let them both know even.

Plus in the recruitment world we tell our candidates something called "5 minutes of embarrassment". It means accepting a job and then if the preferred job comes through retracting your acceptance. Obviously this is a worst case scenario - but one thing you have to be is selfish. B/c after all it is YOUR career.

Another thing with the whole choosing b/w. Well a few things actually. Don't let money come into it (unless it means you can't pay your bills). Yes it would be nice but at the end of the day it won't make you happier or more satisfied with your job. And be prepared to feel regret. No matter which job you choose you will panic at some point and think you made the wrong decision - it is only natural!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and you in my thoughts until some great news comes your way!!!!

Cat_82 said...

Great job staying within your maintenance range. That's awesome!

I hope you enjoyed that cookie. I would hav sent you a cupcake, if I thought it would get to you unharmed!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get offered the job you want first!!

fittingbackin said...

Wow - great advice here! All I can say is i've been there and the one I really wanted hadn't called back when the other offered so I just told them thank you so much and could I have until end of week to accept (didn't mention other interviews). They gave me the time and it all worked out okay. You definitely have to do what's best for you!! I hope you have a great rest of your weekend and don't worry too much.

CONGRATS on the weight loss - yay! I'm sure that feels fabulous!! Yay! And YUMMM great recipes - I want to make the teddy bark!!

Angie All The Way said...

I agree with all the others. It's perfectly okay to be interviewing and to be considering other positions. Either of them would be lucky to have you accept, so they should respect that you are looking at your options. That 5 minutes of embarrassment thing might be a sucky thing to have to do at the time, but it might also be in your best interest and the timing is so close together that the other company will have another candidate to take the spot that you've decided to decline after all.

I need to get some holiday baking done, although I'm a little scared to!

carla said...

I caint find the bark! if you get a moment from your life (read: this is so far down on the importance list :)) can you change the link?