Monday, June 30, 2008

sad or what?

i came to work today even though i had planned to take a vacation day. why? nothing to do. is that sad or what? my boyfriend went home yesterday and is coming back to the city tonight and i could have spent the day at home, hanging around, but it's not really that nice outside (not sunny) and i hate sitting around all day watching tv. that is so boring. now having tomorrow off will feel like a special treat. i am going to a canada day bbq... mmmm... bbqs. that reminds me i will have to pick up food and booze and stuff tonight.

speaking of booze, yesterday i made beer bread. it is soooo easy. here is the recipe:

3 cups flour
3 t sugar
3 t baking powder
1 t basil
12 oz warm beer

i used 2 cups white flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour. i was going to make it all with splenda and whole wheat flour, but i didn't want it to taste gross. not that it necessarily would have, but you know. i used zywiec beer, because my boyfriend is polish and i liked the people dancing on the bottle.

anyway it's so easy to make. you just mix the dry ingredients, then incorporate the beer until just mixed. then you plop it into a prepared bread pan and bake for 50 minutes at 350°F. prepared bread pan means that you grease it/spray it with cooking spray, and then sprinkle it with rough cornmeal (i used whole wheat flour and it was fine) to avoid the sticking. see? easy! the bread it more cake-like than the bread you would purchase in the supermarket.

on saturday it was raining so i went down to the condo gym for a quick workout. i did 20 minutes running, arm weights, 10 minutes running, then decided that was enough for me thank you very much. yesterday i took a rest day. this morning i went back to the gym and did 15 minutes running, arm weights, 15 minutes biking, more arm weights, 10 more minutes running, and situps. the biking was so hard. i was really pushing it for 1 minute (trying to get a rpm of 100 on level 10) and then slowing a bit for 2 minutes (rpm of 85 at level 10). when i got off the bike my legs were like jello.

in other news, i've been really into making spicy hummus wraps lately. i use a whole grain tortilla (about 170 calories), 2 T spicy hummus, cut up about 1/4 yellow pepper, sprinkle some shredded carrots, peel a string cheese, and add baby spinch - then wrap it up and enjoy. it's filling and healthy and sooooooo spicy! it is still substantial because of the tortilla and the hummus, but feels light because of the veggies.

in more other news, i got this book at the bookstore yesterday:

lonely planet coastal california... *sigh of happiness*


Fatinah said...

are those T's for teaspoons or tablespoons????

eurydice said...

little t's for teaspoons! :o) (big T's for tablespoons)

ThickChick said...

On your roadtrip let me know if or when you plan to top in the Carmel/Monterey area... I am there ALL THE TIME. And it's gorgeous! Plenty of recommendations for cutesey cafes, activities, and such.

P.O.M. said...

My grandpa makes beer bread at Thanksgiving. So yummy.

You're going to have such a great trip to Cali. I doubt you'll have a fanny pack on. ha ha.

Jen said...

aw! Travel is so exciting!!! When I worked at a library (and a book store) once upon a time, I used to sit in the travel section and peek through the books trying to decide where I would go one day!!!

I get SUPER bored on days off myself!!! I completely understand!!!

smellyshelley said...

I had a hummus wrap yesterday for lunch and I loved it. Great summer meal.

There is so much to see here, I hope you have plenty of time to enjoy all the sights.

carla said...

Happy DAY OFF!!

(I need to drive across country. never spent any time in so many parts of the usa)