Tuesday, October 30, 2007

halloween cookies

i decorated the cookies last night. it took me two hours, from 10-12:30pm. ay ay ay! i decided not to ice any and just stick with the chocolate vampire design, because i have WAY too many candy corns.

and thus, without further ado, is how to make vampire cookies. (in twenty-three easy steps.)

step one: combine sugar and butter.

step two: beat it up.

step three: mix dry ingredients.

step four: take a picture of sergeant meowenstein looking so cute.

step five: mix dry and wet ingredients. eggs and vanilla were already added to the butter/sugar mix.

step six: eat some raw dough. even though your mom told you repeatedly as a kid not to eat raw cookie dough because of the raw eggs, you now know it was all a lie because she's eating some too.

step seven: make big balls of dough and wrap them.

step eight: refridgerate!

step nine: roll it out.

step ten: use a wine glass for perfect circles and put on cookie sheet.

step eleven: smell them. mmmmmm.

step twelve: roll out more and more dough because you made five times the amount and it's gonna take awhile.

step thirteen: stack them.

step fourteen: put them in a giant shoebox lined with wax paper for transporting home. what you see here is the second layer.

step fifteen: on your trusty scale, weigh some chocolate chips.

step sixteen: put chips in a bowl over a pot with water.

step seventeen: add oil. oily chocolate chips look good.

step eighteen: organize your decorations.

step nineteen: continue to melt chocolate.

step twenty: begin to decorate.

step twenty-one: vampire army! these should be placed in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden and set.

step twenty-two: try and find containers and room in the fridge for more than two hundred vampire cookies.

step twenty-three: collapse.


marie said...

step 24 - bring them to marie's office at bay and adelaide :D

Wheebs said...

I love that you took pictures! Those look great :D

Anne said...

Those look amazing! No wonder you are tired though!!

Randi said...

How cute! And you must be a way cleaner baker than I am, my camera would have been coated in cookie and chocolate. But now you have to deal with resisting the temptation of eating 50 cookies at a time (because this is clearly an option in this case!)

Bi0nicw0man said...

I copied out that cookie recipe too, but I have no reason to make them so am saving it for another year.

You did a marvelous job, darling!!

eurydice said...

thanks everybody.

resisting the temptation: i made them for my boyfriend's class (he is a elementary teacher) so that takes care of a hundred or so. i'm bringing some to a party tonight, some to work tomorrow, some to my parent's house this weekend... and hopefully they'll be gone by this point!

katieo said...

My Boys would LOVE THOSE! (ok, I'd love them too! lol!) Smart lady, doling them out like that!

Mrs. Furious said...

#2 sergeant meowenstein... hilarious! I love a good pet name.

Sara said...

Holy Cookie!! Those look amazing and exhausting! It would be so hard to resist!

Anonymous said...

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