Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fit and fab

i don't have batteries yet for my scale, but that's ok. i might go after work to a computer store. maybe. i brought the old batteries in my purse so i wouldn't even have to attempt to sound like i know what i'm talking about. i can just put them on the counter, and point and grunt.

the food at the gala last night was really good. and one of our authors won. there were little flintstones lamb thingies on mashed potatoes, french fry wedges with beef and duck, covered in your choice of cheese curds, blue cheese, or fresh parm, then drizzled with gravy. it sounds like a lot but everything was very mini. there were also little appetizers going around like thai spring rolls, and brie cheese things, and tied veggies with orange dip, and more. yum yum. the deserts were also delicious - a tree of strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate, little cheesecakes, etc.

in other news, last week i went to the running room and got fitted for new running shoes. apparently i have a rolling left foot or something like that. at one of my old jobs this client traded brand new nikes for our services, so i had a pair of these (really ugly) nikes, but i couldn't keep wearing them because the arch on the left foot was really hurting me! it seems i need shoes like this for my rolling foot, but softer, more comfortable ones. in the end i chose mizuno wave inspire 3's. and then i bought them on ebay because they were $159.99 in the store and that is totally obscene. Here are they if anyone wants to look at them. They haven't come in the mail yet. I'm impatient but don't expect them to come until next week.

i was going to get up early and go to the gym but last night i put the flannel duvet cover on my duvet and just couldn't get out of bed until the last second this morning. snooze! i am hoping to go tonight after work but i'll have to make the most of my time since i also have a book club meeting. have a nice day everyone!

flax oatmeal from a package (2)
1/2 banana (1)

whole wheat french bread (2)
fat free chicken (1)
garden minestrone soup (2)

pear (1)
grapes (1)

oh what to have for dinner! i don't know how people plan these things in advance. spontaneous dinners are a single woman's dream, ha.


Anne said...

Yeah for new shoes! I soooo need a new pair myself. Ah yes, I have so much trouble getting out of bed in the morning too, I love my duvet!

Sara said...

Oooo all that food sounds soo good - I'm getting hungry!!

Those shoes look awesome, I've been wanting to try Minzunas but have been scared to buy some so expensive when I know my New Balance are perfect. I'm glad the ebay thing worked out for you!

Angie All The Way said...

I'm on a sneaker mission now too. WOw good for you for scoring them on Ebay! I got a problem with my left foot from breaking it last year and now it's a different shape! I might need and orthotic, but I think I also need a kickass pair of sneakers too!