Friday, October 12, 2007

tgif and weigh-in

guten morgan. today's weigh-in was a great success (122.8, from 125.0), despite the office chocolate i've been sneaking in all week. i think it's because of the copious amounts of exercise i've been getting.

monday: 400 cals burned on my mom's tony gazelle & did a running podcast
tuesday: 400 cals burned on the gym elliptical, plus weights
wednesday: running podcast in the morning, rode my bike to and from work, 300 cals burned on gym elliptical, 50 cals burned on the gym bike.
thursday: 400 cals burned on gym elliptical, plus weights

that isn't too shabby. i was going to do another running podcast this morning but chose to sleep instead. i rode my bike to work and wore fleece gloves—it's getting cold!

i have found another interesting food that i never knew i loved - raisins! when i was a kid i was never into raisins, but now, yum yum! i think it's because i heard that rumour of bunny poops being found in those little halloween raisin boxes... has anyone else heard this? i bought a sunmaid sealtight container a few days ago and they are delicious, not to mention poop free. who would have thought! the funny thing is that in the grocery store, i debated between buying the cheaper, generic equality brand and the more expensive sunmaid kind... and was really grossed out by the equality ones - like they were a poorer quality or something. maybe they aren't as good - they aren't even from california!

lately i've been fancying myself a great chef, even though this isn't really the case. today i am making chicken noodle soup in my slow cooker. i have never used this slow cooker but have owned it for longer than i care to admit. i am a bit nervous about leaving it running while no one is home all day (but the cats), but i'm giving it a try. here is my recipe:

2 cans low sodium or ff chicken broth
1 can water
some chicken
frozen veggies (i used a mix of peas, carrots, corn, and green beans) because i LOATHE hellery

anyway, you cook it on low all day (8 hours) and then 30 minutes before eating, add egg noodles, set it to high, then enjoy.

i also tried this recipe found on the site yesterday for turkey tetrazzini.

mix cooked egg noodles, mixed vegetables, fat free sour cream and turkey, season to taste and put in a baking dish. sprinkle with bread crumbs and parm cheese and bake until heated through.

well i thought i was quite a master chef until i realized (halfway through baking) that i forgot the turkey. i guess i'm not nigella lawson yet. :o( i poked it in and it turned out ok... sort of bland though. i only had a few bites because it's for tonight.

today's menu:

pc blue menu oatmeal (2)
raisins (2)

2 slices ww bread (1)
chef boyardee cup of something (4)

chicken noodle soup and turkey tetrazzini of course.


Angie All The Way said...

Holy awesome WI girl, Yay!

You made me laugh out loud...bunny poop! bahahaha Hilarious!

I fancy myself a master chef lately to cook and watch the food's gonna make me or break me.

Angie All The Way said...

P.S - where do you get your podcasts?

Mrs. Furious said... I've never heard that about bunny poop... but can see how that would make a lasting impression!
Holy big weight loss.. yeah I'd say you are working out like a fiend! You just might have inspired me to get on the treadmill tonight... maybe...

Bi0nicw0man said...

OMG! I'm so glad you commented on my blog today so that I found you! How did I not find you before?! Geesh.

Well HELLO now!

Oh and haha on the "hellery"!

Sara said...

never heard the bunny poop - but it doesn't matter I hate raisons!!

Your soup sounds great! Look at all the cooking you did - you are well on your way to becoming the next Nigella!