Monday, October 15, 2007

moo it's monday

it's already 4pm and i've only now got a chance to log into blogger. busy day!

i had a pretty good weekend... my only real downfall was visiting my parents last night and watching my mom bake her famous chocolate chip cookies, eating (sneaking) dough, eating (ok, and sneaking) warm gooey cookies, taking more cookies back to my own house, eating more, etc. i brought most of them to work today and they were a big hit. the rest i put in the freezer.

this morning i got on the scale and it said 122.0 at first. this would be a 0.8 drop since friday. me losing weight on the weekends = never happens. so i got off the scale, looked underneath to see if maybe dust bunnies were creating some sort of scale fantasy weight, and got back on. this time it said "Lo." yes, thank you, i'd like it if the scale just confirmed that i was at a "Lo" weight, but i think it means low battery! it was quite a shock to realize how quickly i planned out where i could get new batteries for this scale (at a computer store or something). it goes to show that i don't want to be without that scale for even one day. sure, there may be days where i choose not to get on, but i always want to have that option! i'll be without tomorrow morning but that's alright. one day, i can handle. i mean, i'm not a crazy obsessive... or anything.

this morning i did run four of week three of the couch to 5k training podcasts. technically, i should have been doing week four, but i haven't downloaded it yet and there really isn't any harm in staying at this level until tuesday!

here is today's menu:
oatmeal (2)
1/2 banana (1)

deli meat (1)
whole wheat baguette (2)
mixed veggies (0.5)

2 cookies... or was it three! (3)

i am going to this book gala, so i'm not quite sure. everything in moderation!

1 comment:

Sara said...

yummy - warm gooey freshly baked cookies. You are making me very hungry!

I hope with the new battery it still shows 122!!!