Friday, October 26, 2007

happy friday

hello everyone. i am in the best mood today! why? because it's friday! and because my office is going out for lunch today (and paying) to this place called "the sultan's tent." i have never been there but always wanted to try it out.

last night after work i rode my bike to kensington market and bought courtney love and kurt cobain wigs from exile. then i went home, made eggs and toast for dinner, did laundry including my stinky new value village purchases, went to the gym, came home and baked those delicious chocolate chip banana bran muffins, sewed a collar onto my costume, watched the biggest loser that i taped from tuesday, and went to bed. i love halloween!

here are some of my costumes from previous years:

last year, i was raggedy anne:

the year before that, i was this scary corpse bride:

and the year before that, this enchanted princess:

this morning was weigh-in and i gained 1.2 this week, which is fine by me, because 122.8 is a very comfortable number between 120-125 (my comfort zone.) this morning i also did day one of week five of the couch to 5k running podcasts. alright!


Randi said...

Oh my god what great costumes you've had! Holy crap did the scary corpse bride creep me out. DId you have white contacts. (or were you just possessed?) I wish I had time (or enough creativity) to go as Ragedy Anne this year. Did you make your wig or buy it?

eurydice said...

haha i was just possessed and looking to the side. i bought the wig on ebay but have seen it in stores as well. that year i really planned ahead...