Thursday, October 4, 2007


is it thursday already? that's pretty good! and a long weekend too. i don't really have any sort of "thanksgiving plan" other than not stuffing my face. everything in moderation. as much veggies as i want. one roll/bun. i don't need gravy on everything - maybe only on potatoes? anyhoo. i don't like pie so that has never been much of a temptation.

did you know that turkey is good for uplifting your mood? it's true. that is also why people feel calm and sleepy after eating turkey dinners. i'm sure that overstuffed feeling helps too.

tonight i am going out for dinner here . it's a friends birthday. what should i order? i am thinking about the falafel with no cashews. yes, i love cashews. who doesn't? but i ate nuts last night! NOOOOOOOOOO! aw nuts!

today at lunch i have to boot around town. i am going to a) try on my new bra size at la senza. yesterday i told my bf about the bra size discovery and he said "yah, no kidding!" b) buy a birthday present for my friend. i'm thinking a book! and c) return printer cartridges to business depot. busy lunch!

here is today's menu:

shreddies (3)
strawberries (0)
light silk soy (1)

2 slices ww bread (1)
fat free turkey, 2 slices (1)
carrots (0)
apple (1)

3 rye crackers (1)
yogurt (1)

this leaves 10 points for dinner and i definitely am not drinking alcohol at dinner. i rode my bike to work today, and i am planning on riding it home before dinner, and either riding or walking to the restaurant. i may or may not do a running podcast tonight. activity!


marie said...

that herbed crepe sounds interesting to me.

i've never heard of this place and it's so close to my house. i'm so oblivious!

Wheebs said...

I'm the same as real thanksgiving plan, just not going to over do it. Have a good holiday!

Sara said...

That is crazy about your bra size - that is a major change. Mine never did (my husband is constantly thanking the weight loss gods!!). I hope that dinner last night was great - the menu looked good!