Friday, October 5, 2007

a cup annie

i guess no lurkers are reading my blog! ha!

yesterday at lunch i went to la senza in one of the underground shopping malls. if any of you live in toronto and work in this business district, you'll know that these underground PATHS are quite a maze. i don't know how anyone finds anything. anyhoo, i got four new bras in my correct cup size. i even got an old european lady working there to measure me properly, and it was just as i feared. now i may look flatter in shirts, but they fit better! no longer do i have the buttons popping open, hanging on for dear life syndrome. all in all, i guess i'm happy i know the truth. this is my body and while it is slightly boyish, i like it.

in other news, my falafel at the restaurant was terrific. i couldn't order it with no cashews, because they were ground and pre-mixed into the balls or something. it came with a big salad with onions which i love. crunch! i got dressing on the side and ate 1/2 the sandwich. i also had one beer. i know i wasn't going to drink, but it was a cranberry maple wheat beer and sounded exciting. it was alright, but i probably wouldn't order it again. and, considering the other girls sitting around me had at least 3-4 drinks each, i think i made out pretty well.

this morning i woke up early and went to the gym. i did 30 minutes on the elliptical, then weights, then 10 minutes on the treadmill, then some situps. then i rode my bike to work. active! i don't really *enjoy* going to the gym in the morning but i have to fit it in sometime, and my gym closes early on fridays for sabbath.

this weekend should be good. tonight i am taking it easy, and tomorrow my bf and i are going to stratford to see the merchant of venice. maybe i'll reread the coles notes at lunch ;o). sunday we are going to african lion safari, i think, and then i'm driving us to mississauga, where both our parents live. how convenient! sunday i'll stay over at my parent's house, and monday help my mom cook and then eat moderate portions of a thanksgiving feast. and catch up on shows i taped during the week like heroes, gossip girl, and grey's anatomy.

here is today's menu:

2 slices ww toast (1) - pre-gym
1 cup all bran cereal (1)
1 yogurt (1)
strawberries (0)

1/2 leftover falafel (?)
soup to go if i'm still hungry (1)

rye crackers (1)
yogurt (1)
apple (1)

i'm hoping for turkey hotdogs :o)

happy thanksgiving everyone!


marie said...

i'm a total TO gerbil. I walk from the eaton centre to first canadian in the winter when it's too cold.

Sara said...

Oh I'm so jealous that you went to Stratford - I hope you enjoyed the play!

Cranberry Maple Wheat Beer? Where did you get that - wheat beer is Justin's absolute fave!