Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rainy tuesday

my back is killing me today. it was killing me yesterday as well. last night i took a robaxasol or whatever it's called and it made me really nauseated. then i looked at the bottle and saw that the pills were expired. yikes. i have had many bad experiences with expired pills, so one would think i would check the bottle each time, but no. i don't like taking medicine if i can avoid it, so things always expire before i can use them.

i told myself last night i could have two cookies (mom's homemade) in bed if i got up early and went for a run. well, i got up early, but it was pouring rain. some people are into running in the rain, but not me, especially not first thing in the morning. so instead i made coffee and had a bath and drank the coffee in said bath while reading. nice one!

it's supposed to clear up later so hopefully i can run tonight after work. the scale is showing me up a little bit and i know why. it's classic self-sabotage. i'm doing well so what's a little bite here and there. today i'm going to be religious about points. no extra bites! tonight the bf's band is playing on king west. woohoo!

today's menu:

oatmeal (2)

40g raisins (2)

chunky beef soup (4)
2 slices bodywise bread (1)

grapes (1)

dinner: mystery!

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Shannon said...

That bath sounds fantastic first thing in the morning on a rainy day.