Thursday, January 10, 2008

thursday madness

today there was a bit of trouble getting to work because of the wind yesterday. apparently it blew the C of of the CIBC building (a bank tower) and some of it was dangling and had to be removed. anyway my king streetcar was diverted off of it's normal route so it took longer to get to work today. i guess it's better than someone being crushed by falling debris... i guess... ;o)

yesterday i bought some awesome pants. better than the shiny pants? it's debatable. they are turquoise high-waisted bell bottoms, by jordache. remember that brand from the 80s? i look like i'm out of that dazed and confused movie. i have to get them hemmed though, because they are too long.

i didn't do any closet cleaning yet, but perhaps i'll have some time tonight after going to the gym. i *have to get to bed early tonight because i am going dancing on friday and saturday of this weekend.

last night for dinner my boyfriend and i made this recipe from the kraft "what's cooking" magazine. it wasn't terribly healthy but it was interesting. here is what we did:

brown 1 lb of extra lean ground beef (we added onions too) and drain. add 2 cups water, 1 cup salsa, and the noodles from 1 package of kraft mac and cheese. bring to a boil then cover and simmer for 10 minutes. then add 2 cups frozen corn, the powdered cheese from the kraft mac and cheese box, some chopped tomatoes, and cook for 2 more minutes. top with chopped green onions and cheddar cheese (we didn't add this cheese) and voila. apparently this makes 4 servings. we each had a huge portion and i'm pretty sure more than 1/2 is leftover.

here is today's menu:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with 1/2 banana
all bran bar and 1/2 banana
lean cuisine ravioli
reheated green and yellow beans
2 clementines

dinner - i'll worry about that later.

*never happens


CaRoLyN said...

Oh you have to take a pic of the new pants!

Recipe sounds delish! I wonder how many points that would be? I should order the Kraft What's Cooking magazine. They always seem to have good recipes in there. I'm sure you could use low fat ingredients and skip on a few things (like you did with the cheese) to make them healthier.

Have fun dancing this weekend! nothing sheds pounds like shakin your booty all night long!

Sara said...

I think I owned those pants!! No seriously. All I had were bell bottoms and I think those were my only new pair (all were vintage - read 2nd hand) when I was in like Gr 7! Crazy!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Your pants sound so fun! We definitely need to see a pic :).

Anne said...

Your pants sound so fun!

We've made that recipe. We also add some garlic and peppers. It's yummy.