Monday, January 21, 2008

200th post, blue monday

today is blue monday, according to the news. the associated press reads, "Bad weather, post-Christmas debts and failed New Year's resolutions are all thought to help make Monday the most depressing of 2008, with the highest number of suicides." yikes! but the article also says that by thinking negatively, your day will just get worse and worse, which of course is true. bad vibes.

so on the weekend i got an absolutely wicked pair of shoes at my favourite vintage dress store, which is called "i miss you."

i wore them one time, and look what happened!

it's ok, don't be sad for me. i'll go to the shoe repair man at lunch and see what he can do. i really like them and it would be a shame if they committed suicide on the day before the most depressing day of the year. i had a bit of an accident. i slipped down some stairs while wearing them, fell, while falling took out my boyfriend who fell on top of me, and the rest is history. i have a huge bruise and a swollen ankle. once again, don't cry for me because i'm fine, i just hope that this bruise won't affect my determination to do four yes four midweek workouts this week. one of the treadmills in my gym is out of order. this really is not cool because a) there are only three treadmills and b) there are no time limits which means that some people like to hog the treadmills during peak times. and not to mention c) i pay condo fees for this stuff... not cheap!

today's menu:
slice of sprouted grains toast
weight control oatmeal
1/2 sandwich (leftover)
garden tomato soup to go
spicy bean burger salad


Laura said...

Congrats on 200! Sorry about the shoes and the treadmill hogs. Jerks!

Dang! It's cold out!

Angie All The Way said...

Those are some smokin' boots! But I'd be weary of how well they'd stay fixed if a shoe repairman managed to try and then you'd end up all hurt and broken! THe prices we pay for fashion eh!

RYC: The consistency of the red peppers us soft and cooked thoroughly through. They have no skins or seeds. They really are great for topping on sammies!

I wish I had one of those timed slow cookers but I don't. I bet that would help though, to lessen the cooking time. If I start waking up at 2:00 am to turn on my oatmeal, shoot me please!

Anonymous said...

cute shoes. i hope the repair man can work his magic for ya.

CaRoLyN said...

Sorry about the shoes but you look smokin hot in your turquoise pants!

Good luck at the gym this week! I'm aiming for 5!

Shirls said...

those are wicked shoes, love them! I hope the shoes, treadmill and you all get patched up!

Sara said...

Those shoes are awesome. So sad, I hope that they are better now!

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