Wednesday, January 2, 2008

back to life, back to reality

let's start the new year off with a list:

1) well, the holidays are OVER and i'm back at work. boo hoo hoo. i am really out of it today. i couldn't sleep last night until 2am and i had to wake up at quarter to eight. also it's very cold today - harsh reality! i also tripped on my purse, which i keep beside my desk on the floor, and fell like a big WHAMMO onto the ground. it's also the first day of not a good time of the month.

2) my weigh in last friday was good. i was up a bit over 2 pounds, but still within my maintaining range so i wasn't too worried. weird because i felt a lot heavier. probably just the crappy food i was eating. i weighed in again this morning and was up 2 MORE pounds so i'm going to drop the maintenance points for a few days and get back to where i am most comfortable.

3) i got some photos from the photo shoot but am not allowed to post them until the cd is released, so who knows when that will be!

4) i had a new year's party and it went pretty well. i ate a cookie that i probably shouldn't have, but didn't do any drinking as a result so thankfully had no hangover yesterday. edit: the cookie was special, which is why i shouldn't have eaten it. cookies in general, especially on ny, should be eaten!

5) not sure if i'm feeling the biggest loser, couples edition. that crabby dad was too crabby for me.

6) i think i'm going to follow some of your leads and do the sticker-calendar-exercise thing. it will be motivating to see how many times a month i can go.

since i'm counting points, here is today's menu:

reduced sugar oatmeal (2)
frozen berries (0)

fruit-to-go squiggle (1)

pc blue menu whole wheat penne with vegetables (6)

all bran bar (2)

green beans (0)
cheese (2)
whole wheat toast (4)
tomato soup (2)


CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I almost had to laugh out loud when you said you had A cookie that you shouldn't have on NYE. It doesn't even compare to my huge lumberjack breakfast and nachoes and peanut butter cups! I wish I had only had A cookie! You are doing fantastic!!!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Hooray for not being hungover for Jan 1st! I was DD for NYE so I skipped praying to the porcelain gods as well :P.

Sara said...

Thanks for getting that song in my head!!

I also had A cookie for new years and every day. Oh and then I ate a couple more, and some other shit. I can't believe I didn't gain!!

I also was not hugover yesterday - so amazing!!

Randi said...

About clicking to each blog and not using reader - yes you are crazy. Or maybe smart. I now have so many unread in my reader I'll never catch up. It said 450 this morning.

about being up ANOTHER 2 lbs. same thing with me. Like every day or something. But I'm pretty sure a lot is water. Probably for you too. Keep chugging.

Anne said...

I think I will like BL this season, but I'm like you, the crabby dad was horrible, I bet he doesn't lose all that much between now and the final show, he had such a bad attitude.