Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year, new goals

yesterday's weigh-in must have been a fluke, since today i am back to my normal weight. huzzah! of course, i did drink tons of water yesterday and stayed on plan all day, and did not eat one piece of chocolate or one cookie or even one little potato chip or maltese ball. yes, i have maltese balls. they are in the fridge. however, i did not eat any. no sir ee.

for dinner i made this delicious salad. it consisted of baby spinach, cooked green beans, some almonds i threw in, some raisins i threw in, some baby tomatoes, a grilled chicken breast (sliced) and organic raspberry dressing. this dressing is new and comes in a glass bottle. my bf had an accident over the holidays when it "jumped" out of the fridge and shattered all over the whole kitchen. and then last night, it almost happened to me but i made the save at the last second. i think it is cursed so watch out if you are buying these new dressings.

i also went down to the condo gym and ran on the treadmill. it was so easy i couldn't believe it. i walked for 5 minutes, ran for 32 minutes, then walked for about 6 more minutes for a total distance of 4 miles. i also did some sit-ups and upper body strength training. and some lunges with weights. this move is killing me. i hold 5 pound dumb bells in each hand, then do the walking lunges, 10 at a time, 3 sets. every time i do this i can barely move the next day, so i know these muscles need to be worked.

at first i wasn't going to make any new year's resolutions. this is because every year my resolution is to lose weight and become more physically fit. and now, i don't need to lose weight and i am physically fit. so there you have it. then i thought, there are tons of other ways i can better myself that don't include diet and exercise, and so here are my resolutions.

this year, in 2008, i will:

1) learn photoshop. (better than i already do, which is pretty much not very well.)

2) learn how to sew, or be craftier with clothes. this includes using a sewing machine, or silkscreening fabrics.

3) work harder at work. strive to be the best i can be.

4) not take anyone in my life for granted. show unconditional love to people (and pets) who deserve it, for example my mom, my boyfriend, my sister, my cat.)

5) ween myself off artificial sweeteners. (i just cut back from two to one in my coffee and tea...)

6) live in the NOW and not for the future.

7) become more thrifty or try to save more money.

and then of course there should be a few to do with health:

8) continue my fab workout habits and increase the length of my runs.

9) not stress about occasional overindulges. it happens!

and finally...

10) ride my bicycle to work everyday that it is not too cold or raining. (that is like resolution #7 and #8 in one haha.)

i will also continue to write in this blog and find motivation in reading all of yours. i look forward to it every day :o)


Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

I really like your resolutions. They're very positive and achievable. Good for you!

CaRoLyN said...

Great resolutions! I like em!

I want to try french inion soup too, I don't think I've ever even had it so bring on the great recipe girly!

Shirls said...

I had a similar salad yesterday, yum, spinach is all I can choke down for greens :0)

I love the showing more love, to the cat, awesome!

Anne said...

Love your resolutions and thanks for the water reminder, while I'm at home, I never remember to drink it!