Friday, October 3, 2008

shifty spider

i have to wake up and go to the bathroom at 5:30am. i am very groggy. while i am, you know, going, my cat likes to come over and head butt me. anyHOO, i look over at the shower and there is a GINORMOUS spider on the wall. SO HUGE. i am not that wimpy when it comes to spiders but i have not seen a bit fat guy like this in my apartment yet (new building) and not while my pants (pajama shorts) are around my ankles. somehow, being surprised by a spider whilst in the nude is always worse than being clothed. it's like protection. so i am surprised, then turn to oliver (my cat) to ask him why he hasn't done anything about this monster, and when i look back, less than FIVE seconds later, the spider is gone. gone! but it was right there less than FIVE seconds ago, in the middle of the giant shower wall, which is white, and since the spider is black or dark gray or whatever colour it is, it stands out very well. i can't believe that the spider has disappeared. did it pull a houdini? where could it have gone? and then i think, if i were a spider, what would i do? this is pretty ridiculous and as i'm thinking this i'm also thinking that these thoughts are ridiculous. this is a side note but i always think it's ridiculous when people attribute human emotions to animals, like we really know how they are thinking and feeling based on a 'look' on their face. anyway, i think that if i were a spider i would hide behind a shampoo bottle. but which one? and note that the shampoo bottles are at least three feet down from the spiders original spot on the shower wall. and i have at least twelve shampoo/conditioner bottles. so i pick up the first one... apprehensively, and THERE HE IS! the little bugger! obviously i have ESP or a sixth sense or something. i just dunked the bottle in the toilet, flushed, and sent him to his watery grave. bye bye buddy.

that was too much excitement for me, and for my cat who thought that it would be fun to head butt me in bed for the next hour, so i couldn't get back to sleep. but i'm not tired. i chose not to work out this morning... maybe later.

today is friday weigh in and i am 3.6 pounds lighter than monday. remember monday was obscene though. my goal is to use my flex tonight and possibly tomorrow and then return to my regularly scheduled eating on sunday. i am still not in my maintenance zone but am sort of close. when i get there i am going to go down to the middle of it for some wiggle room. i want to be at the top of it at the end of the weekend, not over.

last night i wanted to run but couldn't (pain) so i walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes and did some sit-ups. i had another protein smoothie dinner. i might just do this during the weeknights when i am alone. really, that's only three nights. and while dinner is fun, this option is a) yummy b) enough points and light (not heavy in the stomach) c) no cleanup d) very fast to prepare... and e) filling and i wasn't hungry going to bed when i tried it this week.

this weekend is awesome. today i am working a half-day with my mom, then going to the new h & m outlet here in the burbs, maybe some shoe outlets too, then the walmart supercentre here in the burbs (everything downtown is tiny and crowded), and then... IKEA on my way home! huzzah! shopaholic is TCB (taking care of business). i am going to ikea to look at their wall art and i need more of those iron strips for curtains and drapes that make them shorter without sewing. happy weekend :)


Shirls said...

the spider thing would have creeped me too, not that there was a spider but that it decided to disappear, uggh

I once made my hubby leave a hotel in florida at 3:00 am because of a roach in the bathroom, I can handle bugs but I can't handle roaches, ick!

have a great shopping day! I wish we had a H&M outlet!

Jen said...

EEEEEK!!!! Okay seriously...out of ALL bugs, I am TERRIFIED of are brave for seeking it out!!! (just before we moved out of our trailer I saw the biggest spider - outside - and I couldn't even go past it to go in the house...I waited outside with the dog for an HOUR until Danny got home to kill it for me!!! Sad)

YAY Ikea!!!! Have fun!!! I always leave there with good stuff!!!!

Carolyn said...

EWWWwwww that is so gross! I would have been freaking out I'm sure, I don't know how you could possibly think of going back to bed and actually falling asleep when you just went though such a situation. Yikes. Makes me itchy just thinking about it.

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Vanessa said...

Spiders scare me. Have fun shopping, lucky girl!

carla said...

and here I am never having been inside a STORE let alone an H&M outlet.

have fun and flaunt that down 3.6 el bees bod.


Bi0nicw0man said...

hehe, touch the meat!! Fine, you can use a fork...but you have to use your hands to make the patties anyway. :)

Grainy mustard is right near all the other fancy mustards. Sometimes it's called grainy dijon. You'll know it when you see it and you'll never used regular mustard again.