Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the chiropractor

it just occurred to me that i haven't mentioned my visit (now two visits) to the chiropractor. thus far it has been a pretty pleasant experience, although it's a bit scary too, i won't lie.

my first appointment was on friday. i went in and didn't know what to expect. the office was really close to my house so i could walk (of course i arranged it that way... convenience people!). the chiropractor asked me questions about my pain and asked me to move around. bending and stretching really doesn't cause me any pain at this point. it's more the impact of my heel hitting the ground.

she doesn't think it's sciatica actually, which is probably good to hear. she thinks it's a muscle in my bum that is pressing against the nerve. so different cause, same pain. she said it doesn't matter because those two ailments are treated in the same way anyway. she gave me the most intense lower back and bum massage of my life. really, how often does one get a bum massage? don't answer that. and then i had to lay on my back and twist into a pretzel and she popped both hip joints and then one in my back. breathe in.... let it all out... then whammo POP! that's how it goes.

on friday and saturday my back hurt a little but only because of the massage. she was really pressing hard! apparently men complain about the pressure of the massage but women just stick it out and wait for it to be over. that's because we're tough! grrrrr.

i didn't feel pain-free over the weekend but it wasn't so bad. i went back yesterday (monday) and after another bum massage she confirmed that the pain probably most definitely being caused by the muscle hitting the nerve. apparently my bum muscles are very tense. i could tell this during the massage... painfully obviously. she also gave me some stretches to do in the meantime. they are stretches that i already do although i didn't tell her that. it's not like i do them every day and now i will. i am going back on friday for another appointment. it's kind of fun going there, since i never have to wait (on time) and it's only 15-minutes. in and out. it's over before i know it. :) she thinks she can cure my pain as well, in only a few sessions. a very nice woman, too.

yesterday was a completely on plan day. thank you weightwatchers online for motivating me again. also, my weigh in days are going to be mondays. i think this will (might?) keep me more accountable on the weekends. and really, i'd like to base my "regular" weight on a more attainable figure, instead of the skinny friday weight that always disappears by sunday night.

i went to a friend's house last night to watch gossip girl and do a little gossiping of our own. i walked there (about 4 miles) to earn some activity points for a glass of wine. wine is pretty low-point. a cup and a half is only 5 points... that's 1/2 a 750mL bottle!


Anonymous said...

oh really? I always count it as 2 pts per cup. i am probably wrong but i love wine so i want the most bang for my point. hehe.

Vanessa said...

So you're a tight ass then? *Giggle*

Seriously though, I hope the chiro can help you get rid of the pain for good!

Jen said...

I am so glad that it isn't sciatica!!! hopefully these treatments will help though!!! I always get this really bad cramp on the back of my thigh JUST below my bum and I wish I could get a massage for it!!!!

Sounds like a fun night last night!!

Shirls said...

what wonderful news! I hope all that pain disapears and fast

and of course us gals kick pains ass ;0)

Sara said...

that is so awesome about the chiro!! I thought the same as vanessa and couldn't help giggling at that point!!

P.O.M. said...

Those bum massages are soooo painful. But now that i'm up in my high mileage, I am NEEDING one!