Monday, September 8, 2008

new week

my weekend wasn't too bad. i ate reasonably well and went swimming on saturday. i was going to ride my bike as well, but couldn't find it. it was in the underground parking bike lot - at least i thought it was. i searched everywhere like a dumbo but nope, no bicycle.

last week in my condo the "management" declared that if you wanted to store your bike in the underground bike lot, you had to register it. that means finding the reg. number at the bottom of your bike, paying $5 and putting a numbered tag on your bike. i did all this even though it really was kind of a nuisance. so on saturday i went down to get my bike to ride it to the ferry boats (going to the island for v-fest) and it wasn't there. after some investigation, i find out that the "management" has cut my lock and transferred my bike to some sort of weird storage locker, claiming that there was no tag on the bike. but there was a tag - i put it on myself. now, two things could have happened. it's possible that 1) maybe the tag fell off somewhere or 2) maybe some horrible monster stole my tag. it's probably number one but you never know. i am mostly peeved that they ruined my perfectly good bicycle lock and i had to buy a new one. and i couldn't ride it on saturday because i couldn't lock it up anywhere. i've asked them to pay for my lock but they have refused. grrrrr. can you believe it? it's not the actual money but the principle and hassle of it all.

in other news, today i rejoined weight watchers online. true i don't really *need* to because i can count points values on my own, but i really love how easy it makes everything. just searching for the foods and exercises in the database, all the counting is down for you, no math involved. and you can look back on the week to see your successes and failures. i just need a bit of extra motivation right now and i think using this online tool will provide that because of the fun factor. it's fun to put in what you eat. and the recipe builder is a great tool as well. plus it's nice to get a firm grasp on points values again. for example, i was counting 1 T ground flax as 0 points, because it's 35 calories and 3g fiber. but on the website, it's 0.5 points. i don't know why, but good to know.


Jen said...

BOO what a pain!!! Sorry to hear you had to go through all that hassle!!!

Good for you for re-signing up!! I agree, sometimes it's just good to have the resources!! And I agree, it's WAY easier to count with a database!

ashley said...

That's terrible! They shouldn't have cut the bike lock. Maybe they could post a note to the bike and then after a few days take such action, but ruining a good lock isn't right. I'd be mad. Boo!

Since WW is so great for you, congratulations on rejoining! Things that make living healthier are wonderful to have around.

smellyshelley said...

That would piss me off big time. Maybe someone stole your tag?

Anonymous said...

that is sooo annoying man. i would freak.