Monday, September 15, 2008

monday - week two begins

monday is my new weigh-in day and i am down 2 pounds from last week. yes, this is good, but definitely not as good as friday's unofficial big drop which means that my weekend wasn't that successful. i have mixed feelings about it all. happy to have lost, but a little disappointed in myself that i let it go a little on the weekend. i am still not back in my desired maintenance range.

i did stay within my points. my problem is that i am used to saving the majority of my flex points for the weekend, so of course at the end of the weekend there is a chance i have gained... makes sense. yesterday i went with my family and some family friends to see dirty dancing (the musical), and then we went out for chinese food after. that was probably the kicker. i didn't stuff myself but i'm not going to be the party pooper in a group of eight people. i avoided the sticky sweet sauces and tried to eat more vegetables... although truthfully i find the vegetables at chinese food restaurants really bland and gross.

anyway, time for week two to begin. i am excited about it. the weather is gloomy today and i kind of like it. although i hope it stops raining in the afternoon so i can walk to the library.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE chinese food vegetables. I think they are so delish.

smellyshelley said...

Chinese food is so salty too...maybe once some of that sodium wears off you will be back down.

Congrats on the loss!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Gah, it's probably a false gain because of the damn sodium. I bet if you drink lots of water and stay OP today, your big loss will show itself again tomorrow. :)

Jen said...

Blah for rainy weather!!

I agree, chinese food is SOOOOO packed with sodium...maybe it IS an even better loss???

Randi said...

my comment is gonna be so lame now - I also LOVE chinese food veggies. And I also agree with the sodium thing. Plus I think you have to accept that as long as you eat more points on the weekend, your WI on mondays will be higher than fridays. The food is still in your system, it's probably not fat, but just the food itself.

Shirls said...

oh dirty dancing live! was it good?