Friday, September 19, 2008

cutting corners

last night i was feeling really sick. my throat was hurting and i felt really weary, so i got into bed around 10 and read until 10:30. i should mention that before i went to bed i slathered my head in olive oil. my hairdresser said i should do this for the good of my hair and my scalp. i put on one of those head towels but took it off halfway through the night because it was stifling me. my hair was dry by then anyway.

i got up early and went swimming. i wet my hair in the shower, put on conditioner, wet the new swim cap i got yesterday, and put that on too. hopefully it made a difference. they didn't have any silicone caps at walmart, only rubber ones and fabric ones, so i got a fabric one. it said it blocks out the chlorine. i can't imagine it blocks out all the chlorine, but i mainly just want something to keep the conditioner on my hair for as long as possible. afterwards i used my new violet shampoo. it was sort of expensive but i got a really big container which was more economical than the little ones. i didn't buy the same brand of conditioner because i thought the shampoo was more important.

since it's still sort of early, i am going to make a to-do list and get things done. i am going to clean and vacuum my apartment, put on tunes and really get in the swing of things, then apply for some more jobs. in the afternoon i am heading to the burbs because tonight i have plans with my mom to bake chocolate chip cookies. my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. no cookie rivals her cookies. and i am not just saying this. everyone who tries them is hooked. if her neighbours hear that she is baking cookies, they come knocking on the door asking for a plate. she uses both dark chocolate and milk chocolate chips, and the cookies stay chewy forever. forever! you can break a cookie in two and there will be no crumbs, just two delicious cookie halves. anyhoo. we are making cookies because tomorrow night is my boyfriends birthday party and i thought having cookies would be an excellent party addition. and because i have nothing to do tonight until late and i thought it would be a good opportunity for some mom time. since i have been eating these cookies since the dawn of time i'm not as tempted by them as newcomers. all i need is one or ten still warm and gooey from the oven. i kid!

i am also making egg salad sandwiches for the party, but i'm doing that tomorrow. the thought of serving day-old egg sandwiches is pretty raunch. i personally, don't think egg salad sandwiches are that great, but i made them for my party and they were gone so fast, and my sister raved on and on about them. it was my first time making them too. all of those eggs and mayo... my points tracker shudders at the thought. the trick is to add a dash of curry powder. and omit the chopped celery because celery is sick.

i forgot to ask this question: does anyone feel when they are counting points that they are cutting corners? for example, eating 1/4 cup of 3 or 4 different veggies, all 0 points each, or adding 1/4 cup all bran to your cereal for 0 points (it really is 0 points... but not 0 calories!).

and finally, yesterday at walmart i bought a value pack of 80-100 calories chocolate bars. there are six of each of aero bars, kit kats, and coffee crisps. i'm thinking that if i allow myself one every day, it will reduce my cravings, and i will be less inclined to act upon my cravings since i know i can have another one tomorrow. hopefully this plan works!


Bi0nicw0man said...

coooooooookies! (I don't suppose your Mom is giving up this recipe, eh?) ;)

I can't wait to see your hair. Sounds like a lot of work! I've noticed that now that my hair is shorter and darker it's more work...I can't just tack it up in an elastic and run off to the store...I actually have to "do" it!

cinemarie said...

yes, like you,I feel like I cut corners when it comes to counting points... I usually don't even add veggies to my counter, I know... bad...
I can't wait to see your new color too - you seem to go through a lot of work to be able to keep it looking its best though... wow!
I like the 100 calories chocolate bars, that is if the rule is one a day... I tend to think - hey that's only 2 points, I can have another one! - but it never stops there... If I only bring one at a time to work, for example, i'm fine... but at home... :)
Good luck on the job hunting, I'm sure you'll get a ton of replies and offers back... !! :)

Sara said...

1/4 cup all bran is totally what I do to cut corners. Also 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of coconut, 1 tsp light mayo. There are a lot of things. But what I try to do is for every 3 tsps of sugar I eat per week (never have gotten there) I count a point. Same with All Bran (every 1/2 cup per week).

I love love cookies!!!

Jen said...

So much to comment on!!!!

Your mom's cookies sound amazing!!! I hope that (one day) when I'm a mom that I have something that I am "known" for!!!

Good call on the AG shampoo!!! I was trying to remember what it was called but that is the exact one I was going to suggest!!! I used to use a Redken conditioner as well and if you left it on too long the white parts would turn violetty colour!!!

I love egg salad but I really have to cut back on the mayo to be able to get myself to eat it!

Fatinah said...

I don't consider a 0 point food cutting corners at all. I always think the reason they are 0 is to entice us to eat them. Obviously, if you fill your day with a million 0 point foods, you'll loose much slower, but....I think the 0 point foods sometimes are where your fibre and vitamins and minerals come from....

P.O.M. said...

I have a chocolate chip cookie addiction. It hits at about 3pm daily. Do you think your mom can ship some to Cali???

Erin said...

When I count points, I always wonder about those little 0 point things. I mean, they really do mean something to your body, right? Or I eat 2 eggs because they are 3 points, while one egg is 2....that kind of thing makes me wonder sometimes, too. I love those little chocolate bars! I bought Hallowe'en Aero bars the other day - 40 cal each!