Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i did it

i have a lot to talk about today... list time!

1) i actually stayed on plan yesterday. i can hardly believe it, but now that i've done one day i feel like i can really do it.

2) surprisingly i wasn't that hungry yesterday. i was a little hungry before bed, but that's not atypical. maybe my stomach will shrink a little when it's used to eating regular-sized portions again.

3) it's 8am, and i am already up. and i slept for 8 hours last night. this makes me feel great... i don't want to be one of those slobs that sleeps in too late and stays up all night. it's not a good time.

4) i watched 90210 last night. i liked it although i think it's very different than the first one. and did brenda always have a gap between her teeth that large?

5) yesterday at whole foods i bought ezekiel wraps and ezekiel hamburger buns, as well as a greek yogurt, some other liberte yogurt (that i've actually seen in the regular supermarket), some frozen okra, amy's texas veggie burgers, and some milk. i was hoping they would have the greek yogurt i've seen on all of the food blogs lately - either fage or chobani, but they didn't. it must not be available in canada due to some sort of health regulation.

6) for dinner i had a veggie burger on a hamburger bun, with a small side salad and 1/2 a really small spaghetti squash. those hamburger buns are HUGE and so filling. and only 3 ww points. i had to go back and check the bag again just in case the calorie info was for only 1/2 the bun... it wasn't!

7) yesterday i tried to go swimming. i did half my normal swimming workout, which is 60 lengths of the pool. normally i do 120 or so. the pool is about 15 meters, so 120 lengths is roughly 1.8 km or 1.1 miles. so far for swimming... but not that far. i had to stop because the pool water in my condo is too hot. how hot you ask? well i noticed there was a thermometer in the "deep end" and it read 95 degrees farenheit. yes, 95 degrees... just like the boy band... that's hot! (the temp, not the band!) a regular pool is kept between 78 and 82 degrees (and 82 is for the old people who complain about a chilly pool) so you know 95 is killer. it's like a digusting giant bath, and not good for swimming. every 20 lengths i was hopping out of the pool to cool down... that's weird and probably dangerous. i wrote an email to the building manager but who knows how long it's going to take before something happens.

8) yesterday i also went to canadian tire. i wanted a beach chair but they were out even though the website showed them in stock. and the sales people were rude to me as well. as in, i saw one on the phone but not talking, went up to say "hi, can i ask you a question?" he looks at me, then just turns his back to me without saying anything. RUDE! i did buy a new mop and bucket though, as well as some new cleaning supplies. it is this mop here as well as the matching bucket. i had been using the wet swiffers but they just weren't cutting it. and always drying up so fast that i'd have to use two or three. and what a waste for the environment as well. i cleaned my bathroom, kitchen and dining room floor yesterday and it looks (and smells) amazing.

9) i am going to start today by drinking two big glasses of water, eating a fruit of some sort, then heading out for a walk. i found some new jobs to apply to as well.


CaRoLyN said...

Tres productive!

I HATE rude sales people. It ruins the whole experience!

YAY for staying completely OP. You rock. It gets easier with each day! I have never been able to find greek yogurt, I just always assumed it was a states thing.

Anonymous said...

i loved 90210. i thought the same thing about brenda's teeth.

emmie said...

98 degrees (I had a crush on one of them in 6th grade)

Vanessa said...

Woohoo! Good job staying op :). That sucks about your pool though...annoying!

Randi said...

maybe they're trying to make your pool a cross with a hot tub. That's super hot and disgusting. A LOT more bacteria can grow in that temperature.

Canadian Tire sales people are always super rude here. They don't even try and help you, just goof off in the sporting goods aisle. Best to shop online.

cinemarie said...

Great work!! You're off to a good start! You seem very motivated - that's great!! :)

I hate Canadian Tire service, it's like they pick employees with the worst 'people skills' on purpose... grrrr...

I'm glad you found some greek yogurt - it exists in Canada YAY! :)

eurydice said...

i can't believe i thought that band was called 95 degrees. hahaha you know you are getting old when...

Jen said...

argh! I am really regretting missing 90210!!! I guess I will have to download it!! (I was too busy at IKEA to remember to call Danny and tell him to record it!)

Boo to rude sales people...that sucks that you coudn't get the chair!!!

I HATE swimming in hot water! When I went to fairmont I was constantly switching between the plunge pools and the springs...I HATE feeling that warm other than in a bath!

Sara said...

Yay for a a great day!!

I liked 90210, didn't think I would!

Hot pools suck!!!

Crystal said...

Wow! You are a busy girl! Great job on the swim...I totally agree that 95 is waaayyy to hot for lap swimming and then need to bring it down about 12 degrees. Good job with all your tasks!

carla said...

YESYES (on the gap :) Im a nerd that way)

and thanks for the book suggestion yesterday----I ordered it!