Wednesday, September 24, 2008

becky bloomwood

yesterday as a side dish for dinner i made near east taboule wheat salad . it's a yummy Mediterranean dish kind of like couscous but with more flavour. it's bulgar wheat, and the season is onion and garlic and spearmint and citrus. it takes a long time to make but 99% of that time is just sitting in the refrigerator. you pour a cup of boiling water over the mix, stir, and let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes. then you add a chopped tomato, a tablespoon of fresh lemon (i only had not fresh lime but it still worked), and a tablespoon of olive oil. and then refrigerate for another hour or overnight. the result is an exotic, healthy, flavourful side dish. 1 serving (about 2/3 cup) is 120 calories with 5g fibre (if i'm remembering correctly) so only 2 points.

in other news, i have started running again! i've been feeling a bit better lately and last night i finished week one of the couch to 5k running program. i'm doing the program again because i don't want to push my health. if that bum pain came back because i chose to run too far too fast i wouldn't forgive myself. well i would, but it would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. i love running so much. of course it's way easier the second time around, because i am not completely out of shape yet.

today i am very busy. i have a job interview later (not something i really want, and kind of far away), and i am writing a "test" for another job. the test is difficult. i have to write an article for a finance magazine. does the name "becky bloomwood" ring a bell to anyone? she is the character in the shopaholic series, who wrote for a finance magazine but didn't know anything about finances!

so anyway, that's that! hopefully today i can get a swim in.


Bi0nicw0man said...

bwahahaha...if Becky could do it, you totally can! Give em hell.

I'm gonna check out that salad. DBF needs more whole grains in his life, so this is finally my opportunity to make him eat something fun that I want!

Anonymous said...

i love becky bloomwood. tehe! good luck.

Sara said...

That recipe sounds so so good! Good Luck on the interview and test!!

Jen said...

*laughs* I agree with Jaime!! I am SURE you can do it!!

Good for you for getting back into running AND taking care of yourself!

Vanessa said...

Lol @ Becky Bloomwood!

*Fingers crossed* that the bum pain stay away!

Shirls said...

Go Becky!! ;0) that reference is great, can totally picture it..

glad to hear the running is working out so well, I know you really missed it :0)