Thursday, September 18, 2008


i have blond hair now! it looks amazing! it's more like this shade here:

actually it's probably lighter than that. i wanted it to be platinum blond, or white blond, but since i had recently dyed my hair dark brown, it wasn't possible, even though it faded. but the good news is i can go back in a week, or the when my roots grow in, and another bleaching will give me the colour i want. my stylist (who is amazing) could only do so much and then she was worried about my hair breaking from the bleach. that wouldn't be good. she said the bleach would sting but really, it wasn't bad at all. i have a high pain tolerance though. she put it on and i had to sit under a hot dryer head thing for 20 minutes, then wait until my head cooled, and then she applied this toner stuff to remove the orangeness of the hair.

i don't have any pictures yet but i can post some after this weekend. :)

i have to say, i think gentlemen really do prefer blonds. oh, and by gentlemen, i mean creeps on the street, one of whom asked me if i wanted him to give me a hickey on the back of my neck (wtf?) and a homeless man who called me "sweetie in the purple pants" and said i was still "good looking" even though i didn't give him 40 cents. ooohhhhhkayyyyyy.

today i don't have any major plans. i am worried about swimming so much with my new hair. do any blonds have experience with avoiding green hair? i've done some research online and here's what i've come up with so far: the green isn't caused by chlorine, but by metals like copper in the pool, that shouldn't be there at all if the pool is properly maintained. that being said, i'm going to assume that the pool is not properly maintained. there are some fancy shampoos you can buy, but i've also read that you can prevent the green by applying conditioner to your hair before swimming, and then wearing a swim cap. my swim cap ripped so i will have to buy a new one. do you think i can get one at walmart?

on a completely different topic, yesterday i realized that 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese is 2 points, and 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese is 2 points. WHY OH WHY have i been eating fat free cottage cheese?


Cara said...

i use the john freida "blonde" shampoo and it takes care of the problem.

I did water polo and swimming in high school and started to get green hair my freshmen year and promptly started using that and never had it again.

i would be careful though the first week or so.

Jen said...

You can also buy a violet coloured shampoo (at the salons, they aren't all expensive) and they will keep the brassiness out of your hair (I used to have red-violet hair with white pieces in it - I worked at a hair salon - and to keep the white WHITE I used a violet shampoo and it was awesome!)

EWWWWWWWWW Creepies!!! I have never been offered a hickey (even from my husband!)

Haley said... exciting! I've always been curious about going blonde but have never had the cajones to go for it...can't wait to see the pics!

Randi said...

What a tease! Give us pictures!

I was going to suggest the conditioner thing. Also, you should AT LEAST completely wet your hair before getting in the pool, that way your hair won't absorb as much pool water.

Anonymous said...

sounds gorgeous. can't wait to see it. and yes men do prefer blondes, they are PIGS. anyways i try not to go in cholorine with my hair, too scared and it is too expensive to risk. :)

SeaBreeze said...

Make sure your swim cap is silicone. Otherwise, its like putting a giant rubber band on your poor, recently bleached, hair.

Anonymous said...

i just read your note that the same thing happens to you with multi-vitamin. do you still take one? if so what one does not make you dizzy? I hate that feeling.

Carolyn said...

I can't wait for pics!!!

I've heard of the conditioner and swin cap combo - and you can buy just anout ANYTHING at Walmart so I'd be surprised if they didn't have one!

Sara said...

ooo I can't wait to see it! I was always a natural blond so no adivse sorry!

But the violet shampoo is supposed to be good for when you are blond blond!

Hayley said...

I read somewhere that you can use ketchup to get rid of the swimming pool green on blonde hair! Being brunette I've never tried it, but I'd love to see how it works! :)

P.O.M. said...

Can't wait to see the new locks.

Currently, I'm in "taper" mode. I am still doing my normal morning runs of 4 miles. This weekend I will run 12 or so. Then next weekend only 8. Then it's marathon time!!!

Erin said...

When I used to have blond hair - I used to get highlights done with straight bleach. That way there were no brassy tones, which I hate, and then my roots were not as noticeable when they came in. Basically it started as brown hair with highlights (a lot of them) and everytime I got new ones, my hair just got blonder and blonder. Kinda like what your hairdresser has in mind! Eventually I had to start getting some lo-lights mixed in though because it was a little TOO blond though!

Erin said...

The violet or blue tinted shampoo is a must!