Friday, September 5, 2008


i stayed up so late last night finishing my book. and i couldn't even really sleep in this morning because.... (drum roll)... i am finally going to the chiropractor at 10:30am! wooooohooooo. hopefully this is the magic i'm looking for. not being able to do "hardcore" exercises like running and HIIT is depressing. i never though i could run and when i finally start (and it's all i want to do) i can't!

so this morning is my inital interview. i am a little scared but looking forward to it!

i had a pretty good week. now the big test is the weekend! as long as i can make it through today and saturday it's fine. sundays are no problem for me because i only eat twice and can make good choices. tonight i think some dancing is in store, and then tomorrow to the virgin concert on the island. if we can get tickets.

i told my boyfriend i'd buy him a bicycle for his birthday. i saw a really retro fab one the other day and we are going back this afternoon to check if it's still there. it's a little late now (at the end of summer) but better now than never!

also i finally broke down and bought allergy medication. the good kind too - i hope it kicks in soon. and finally, i've tried real greek yogurt (although not the kinds featured on most food blogs) it was $1.99 for a tiny container and not healthy... about 200 calories and 14g fat. and attached to it was blue syrupy goo. it was very thick and had the consistency of cream cheese. that's what it tastes like to me. very rich tasting. yummy of course, but not worth the points. i'll stick to regular yogurt in the future.


Haley said...

Yeah, greek yogurt is yummy, but it can pack quite the caloric punch! I try to fit it in though, being something of an addict. :)

ashley said...

Good luck with the chiropractor! I couldn't run for two weeks because of a TMJ issue... it stinks. Hopefully you'll be all better soon!

And good luck with the interview!

Have you tried fat free Greek yogurt? It's just as thick... but low in calories and high in protein! Since it's so expensive I just stick with plan nonfat.

SeaBreeze said...

I love my Chiropractor. Good luck.

Vanessa said...

Good luck with the chiro!

Mandy said...

BLUE GOO? What was the blue goo???

Laura said...

I love my chiropractor. Good luck with that. I have an appointment on Friday.

Have you ever tried to use plain FF yogurt to make yogurt cheese. It's the same consistency as Greek yogurt but low in calories. When I have the time to make it, I mix some roasted garlic or some other savoury in with it for a very low calorie cream cheese alternative.

here's a link to a recipe (sure it's on my blog but isn't that what shameless self-promotion is about? ;-P )

carla said...

how was the chiro?

did I miss the post where you bought a netipot? :)