Monday, September 22, 2008

bloaty mcfat feet

i am so pooped today. i have been watching heroes season one on my computer and last night it was too exciting and i stayed up really late watching it. i am paying for it today!

i am so bloated today. number one: my skinny jeans, which fit with lots of room on friday, didn't fit today. they fit in the thighs and waist, but not the calves! isn't that so weird!?!? i am so bloated. i put on sandals to go outside and it's like i was wearing a smaller size of shoe! what could have caused this crazy bloat... i have no idea. today i'm taking it easy and drinking lots of water and hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

i finally reached a "happy weight" on saturday, but today i am back up five pounds. there is no way i gained five pounds on the weekend, especially since i didn't drink anything on friday or sunday, and made relatively healthy choices. all of my excess weight must be water that is retaining in my lower legs and feet. seriously, it's so weird!

i got up early today because i thought i was going to help my mom at work (for a little extra cash) but they didn't need me today. i went grocery shopping and bought a lot of fruits and veggies... things i desperately needed! and that's about it. oh right, photos of my hair. i will upload some today and post tomorrow. :) now maybe a nap!


Jen said...

That is CRAAAAZY!!!! Hopefully your legs make up their minds soon!!

Fatinah said...

ha - when I read the first line of your entry, I read "So, I pooped today"!! I was like - wow - too much info!!! haha

meanwhile, you should keep an eye on that "bloating" - I've never heard of someone having that happen in their feet and lower legs(unless they are pregnant or something). Hope it goes away soon - drinking lots of water is a good idea. keep us posted!

Mrs Furious said...

most see pics of the hair!

and the bloating is crazy... what on Earth could be going on?!

Carolyn said...

That is so odd. Retianing water in that area. Hmmmm. Well the good thing is that if you ate healthy on the weekend, you know it's just from a lack of water so you can straighten it out in no time.

I can't wait to see your hair! Hurry Hurry!