Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another big change :)

i have some good news and some bad news. no ugly news, thankfully!

i'll start with the bad news. the bad news is that i couldn't run yesterday. it's like my mind psyched out my bottom and sent pains down there that had me limping all morning. i could have done it in the evening but i didn't want to. i am visiting the chiropractor again today, but before that, I'm going for a swim.

the good news is that i stayed on plan yesterday. i also went to the library and got a book about relationships that everyone was talking about a few months ago (it finally came in) called "the five love languages." i am already finished. it was an easy read but very eye opening. the author says that there are five main love languages in the world and everybody speaks one of them, and receives and gives love in different ways. for example, i think my love language is "words of affirmation." i love being told that my cooking is good, or someone appreciates my clean house, or that i'm pretty. i love it. there is still a quiz at the back of the book to confirm your "language." very interesting. i think my boyfriend's language is "physical touch" like holding hands, touching feet under the table... stuff like that. i am going to "suggest" that he takes that man quiz on our date tonight just to be sure. can i use any more quotations in this paragraph? "can i?"

more good news is that yesterday i applied for six jobs. yes, six. some of which i'd rather not have. i am still waiting to hear back from the company i interviewed with in august. i emailed them to ask if the position was already filled and they said "sorry for the delays, nope, not filled yet, you are still a candidate." more quotations! they said it more nicely than that of course.

more good or rather interesting news is that after my chiropractor appointment, i have another appointment in which i am becoming a blond. i have dark eyebrows so it will (hopefully) look like this very fashionable supermodel agyness dyen.


Vanessa said...

Can't wait to see the hair!

Carolyn said...

I think you would rock blond hair!! Especially with the new cut.

I love the "Five Love Languages" I read it about a year ago and think about it often. It was an eye opener because Scott's language is Words of affirmation and mine is Quality Time. So we would always use our own love language on each other. He would (and still does) constantly tell me how great I look or that he loves my eyes, hair etc and it would bounce off me and I wouldn't give it another thought (although it is nice at times) and I would always want to spend time with him. After reading the book, it's completely changed the way we relate. I would recommend it to anyone! I've even bought it for a wedding gift!

Good luck with the jobs!

Anonymous said...

you will look gorgeous with blonde hair, can't wait to see it. that book interests mee. I am gonna put it on my "read" list.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Man, we soooo need that book over here! I'm going to look for it for sure. :)

I can't wait to see the hair. You will rock it, you brave BRAVE girl!

Randi said...

I bought that book. I thought it was helpful from my perspective, I learned really quickly that I'm a quality time person. But hubby never did take the quiz, and there's no way I can get him to read the whole thing to understand it's important to me. (he knows I want quality time from him, he just says he's too busy all the time). So he doesn't quite get it. But it was helpful for me anyway.

VERY excited to see the hair. You are so brave with it! I'm jealous.

Jen said...

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! GO BLONDIE!!!! I can't wait to see!!!

I agree!!! I LOVE the 5 love languages book...though I would say I am needy...I am a "Quality Time" "Words of Affirmation" and I can't remember the word but essentially "Gifts" (maybe tokens of affection???) husband is a Physical Touch guy...which is frustrating because I am not a touchy feely person...I don't hug and I don't like to snuggle (maybe it's being raised to have proper posture???)...yeah...our "languages" don't mesh but we get it...and we understand (we had to to premarital counseling and this was a part of thing we ever did!)

Sara said...

You are totally a Agyness hipster queen so definitely think the blond will look hot!!

That book sounds interesting will have to look into it!

Mandy said...

BLONDE!!! I cannot wait!!! Post pix immediately, dear girl!!!