Friday, September 26, 2008


i can honestly say, thank goodness it's friday. i have to make this quick because i am about to drive to the burbs AGAIN to help my mom out at the office AGAIN. not that i mind, because i like having money (as opposed to no money), but i hate hate HATE driving all that way. in the morning it's not so bad, but coming home... bleh. yesterday i was stuck in traffic and was so rushed.

even thought it's not my weigh-in day, i hopped on the scale and guess what people... i am not losing weight! what gives!? i am eating within my points, exercising, doing everything right, avoiding booze... i just don't get it. not cool. at least i am not gaining which is the main thing. and i've been eating some carbolicious things for dinner, sometimes not until 8 or 9 at night, so maybe it's just tummy food.

yesterday for my mom's birthday we were going to go out for lunch, but there wasn't time (busy office) so i picked us up wendy's instead. thank goodness i got my wendy's hungry-girl guide in the email yesterday. ;) i had a chicken grill sandwich with no honey mustard sauce and a side salad. the sandwich is 7 points with the sauce, 5 without. that is a big difference. my mom and her boss also got the sandwich... they were trying to follow my healthy lead which is funny (sort of) and cute.

the bad news is that i ran yesterday morning, and over the course of the day my bum pain started to reappear. and then this morning it felt worse! boo hoo hoo. and i had to ride my bike home from my boyfriend's house at 7am. i can think of more fun things, although it was downhill! :)

the good news is that the finance magazine company liked my article and i am going for an interview on monday. yippee! i will just see how it goes... finance isn't the greatest topic for me to write about, but having a job *writing* for a magazine and getting articles published all the time could be a great stepping stone to writing about something i enjoy, for example, health and fitness, or FASHION.

i am pooped. friday i love you. tonight is the event my boyfriend puts on. here is a flyer for you torontonians. come on down and enjoy the show, it's gonna be rad!


Vanessa said...

Good luck with the interview! That really sucks about the bum pain :(.

Jen said...

HAHA!!! You will REALLY be Becky Bloomwood before you know it!!!!

I hope your bum pain goes away soon!!!

Have fun at the event!!!

Shirls said...

I really hope your bum pain clears up for good! I think you have a great attitude about the writing thing, any writing that your being paid for is a great stepping stone.

I've always been a Wendy's girl, my fave is combo #5 (the grilled chicken) with ketchup only, yep thats right folks ketchup on chicken, get over it.. and chili instead of fries, low point, filling and yummy :0)

Fatinah said...

that is why I don't step on the scale mid weigh in - it can make you second guess yourself - just keep up that awesome work!!