Thursday, August 7, 2008

where the sky meets the sea


i haven't really sorted through the photos yet, but here is a nice one. it's somewhere on the road between san francisco and santa cruz. it doesn't look like a real photo because the ocean and beach shouldn't connect like that... i'm actually standing on the edge of a giant cliff (scary). it was so windy but beautiful. this is the just after we drove away from the san francisco fog and gloom. it was so weird how the division between fog and sun was so drastic and obvious. i got these purple pants in san francisco... love them!

yesterday i tried swimming but my leg was really hurting so i had to stop. my mom wants me to visit a chiropractor and i am seriously considering it. my boyfriend and i cleaned his apartment pretty much all afternoon - until about 7. i did the whole bathroom and under the stove elements. we might go back today... i'd rather just get it over with. he is so excited about it and so am i because it's in my old neighbourhood which i miss a lot. it's a bustling area... people are always out doing things on the street.

so i have the choice to see two movies. 1) mama mia and 2) the dark knight. what should i choose?

even with no exercise, my weight is going back down. thank you fibre :) i hate not being able to do hard core exercise. maybe this injury is my body's way of saying it was too much. when i feel better again i will definitely ease into something. being hardcore was fun while it lasted.

i also wanted to mention that the egg on oatmeal was totally delicious. people eat eggs on toast - toast is a grain like oatmeal... what's the difference? it wasn't flavoured or instant oatmeal people - i am not crazy! ;o)


Jenn said...

That is an awesome picture! It looks so pretty.
The pants are also awesome. :) I used to have purple jeans and I loved them.
I'm glad that you had fun on your vacation.
Going to a chiropracter can't hurt. Maybe you are just out of alignment. I hope you feel better soon though, being in pain sucks.

Sarah said...

Great picture!

Tough call on the movies - I really want to see both!

I say - if you're going with your boyfriend, go see Dark Knight, but if you're going with a girlfriend go see Mama Mia. If your BF is anything like mine, he really won't appreciate being dragged to a musical!

Jen said...

amazing picture!!! What fantastic view!!!!

Tough call on the movies...Sarah's suggestion is good...The Dark Knight was fantastic but I heard that Mamma Mia was a hoot!!! (yes, I said hoot)

I also agree on the chiropractor...I am not a big fan of chiropractors but it should help!!

SeaBreeze said...

I vote Dark Knight, but thats because I've seen it and I haven't seen Mama Mia. Guess it depends who you are seeing it with as well. I heart that you found lilac pants.

P.O.M. said...

Love that pic and those pants are so you. Although SFO is hustly bustly and gloomy they do have good shopping.

JODI said...

love the pic and the pants! very cool!

i would go see 'dark knight'... mama mia can be a rental but you HAVE to see batman on the big screen... :o)

Haley said...

Ooooo...that pic so makes me want to take a vacation. In answer to your question over at my blog, it's a bacon alarm clock -- it wakes you up to the smell of frying bacon!

I vote for Dark Night -- I loved it! And if you can see it in Imax, all the better.

CaRoLyN said...

WOW! Great pic!
Glad you had such a great time!

Bi0nicw0man said...

You look so cool! Love the pants.

I saw both movies and loved them both for different reasons. MM is really girly for sure and the music is sooo fun. Dark Knight was dark and evil and just creepy enough. Dark Knight is also like 3 hours long if that helps at all (although it didn't feel that long because it's so good).

meredi said...

Heya, nice pic. I miss highway 1 so much... definitely one of my favourite parts of Cali (I lived there for a few summers). Sorry to hear SF wasn't your fave; the fog can definitely be a downer and it definitely requires warmer clothing than the surrounding area!

I live in Leslieville -- what about you? I'm guessing Liberty Village? You mentioned the slaughterhouse at one point I think...

Sara said...

You're on a cliff? Crazy crazy! Love the pic!

I'm seeing the Dark Knight tonight. But want to see Mama Mia as well! Do you want dark haunting or singing fun?