Wednesday, August 13, 2008

guten morgan

first things first:

sara: what kind of treatment are you using on your hair? i've tried the "ultra swim" shampoos, but i really don't like them - they make my hair feel funny.


shirls asked if i was not running due to sciatic pain. the answer is yes! the sciatica is most definitely a result of running. i can pinpoint the exact run that made it happen, or sent it over the edge if you will. i agree that movement helps, which is why i'm swimming and doing "fun" workout videos that are low-impact. but i can't run (yet) because it might put me back at square one with the pain. and there really is no way i could run with the pain... i could barely walk... or limp. :( but the good news is, it's already feeling much better - although not gone for sure. i have an appointment next week to get my x-ray results, and i'm hoping that my doctor will recommend going to a chiropractor or something.

the move last night went well. the apartment is on the third floor above a store. the stairs are so narrow and steep. i didn't lift anything heavy because there were some strong men there... phewf. mainly i just guarded the van so shadies wouldn't steal anything out of it. :)

today i am taking oliver (my chat) to the vet. he is having an issue with his soft paws which i won't get into but needs to be looked at. poor little guy. i don't think he is in any pain though because he is acting like his normal crazy self: jumping on everything, playing with everything, cuddling and head-butting everything (my face). but it's good to have things looked at.

after i write this post i am going swimming. i think i will try to swim every other day. i really enjoy swimming while i'm doing it, but i hate getting into the pool initially. and being cold and wet. i was a swimming teacher for years and years and have horrible memories of teaching four hour shifts in the water, twice daily (in the summer)... pruney and freezing. but for the greater good (fitness) i'll do it.


CaRoLyN said...

Once I'm pruney, I'm out. Donezo.
4 hours in the pool? You poor thing!

I find running really hard on my back sometimes too, it makes it feel so still as soon as I'm done running. Glad you still have swimming and it's not hard on your back! Boo back pain!

Sara said...

First off - I'll check the name of the conditioner tonight. It is really awesome.

4 hours - wow. That is a long long time!! But at least you have swimming - it burns tons of calories and it doesn't do much damage!!

Jen said...

I laughed thinking of you being all menacing to people trying to steal from the van!!! Though I am certain you could kick some major bum, you just look so sweet!

I hope everything gets figured out with poor Oliver!!!

Shirls said...

keeping my fingers crossed that they find a pinched spot, they can be helped. I have it due to disc bulges, due to being so heavy for so long... stupid, stupid and all on me for that one *sigh*

I want to swim! I can't wait for the pool to finally freaking open at my gym :0)

Laura said...

I don't have sciatica but I do love my chiropractor. He helps me out with all my full contact knitting injuries. I hope your doctor recommends one.