Friday, August 22, 2008


i sure am tired today. i deliberately woke up early so that i could go swimming downstairs at 10am. the pool is closed for "cleaning" between 11 and 12 (which is an annoying time to be closed and prime swimming hour!) every week day and i want to get going today. i am going back to the sewing studio to finish my summer dress FINALLY. i don't know why i have been putting it off. well, today is the day!

the concert last night was alright. they didn't play that many songs i knew, and when they did, they let the crowd sing for most of the song, instead of singing it themselves. it's fine when it's just a line or two in a popular song, but not the whole song. my friend said, "i am paying to hear you sing, not to sing myself!" to which i reminded her that the tickets were free but the point was still made of course. the best part of the concert was that we could walk there and back from my building. not dealing with traffic is heaven!

last night for dinner i made us the pc blue menu shepherd's pie from loblaws. yummy. i have always likes this one. it's about 290 calories for 1/4 of the pie which isn't too bad. if you put it with some peas and a slice of whole wheat baguette it's quite filling.

it's friday which is weigh-in day but i'm just not feeling it this week. this is unusual for me but everyone deserves a week off. this weekend... not sure what is going on really. i am reading this book called "pillars of the earth" by ken follett. it's about a builder in the twelfth century who longs to build a cathedral. of course it is about more than just that. it's great so far.


Bi0nicw0man said...

That is one of the only "mainstream" books that DBF has ever liked. He's super picky about books. He tried other Ken Follett books after that one and didn't enjoy them as much.

My neighbor just started a book club, so I'm joining in. After listening to you for all these months, I'm excited. Our first book is My Sisters Keeper, which I've been meaning to read anyway.

Hopefully next month I'll get to pick the book and I'll be bugging you for ideas!

Anne said...

I really loved Pillars and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. Enjoy!

Points Princess said...

I loved Pillars...I found myself thinking about it constantly between readings, and couldn't wait to pick it up and read.

My Sister's Keeper was excellent too.

Sara said...

I hate when you go to a concert and it is like that! But can't complain when tix are free!!

Everyone is entitled to a week off from the scale and you've been doing awesome so you definitely deserve it!

Jennifer said...

I'm not feeling my WI either... I have to go tomorrow morning but I feel like I'm not going to have a great loss.

Sounds like a good book! :)

I've yet to try that PC blue menu shepherd's pie. It sounds good though, and I love shepherd's pie!

Crystal said...

I have that book to read but haven't gotten into it yet. A friend of mine read it and loved it, too.

I was having an off week last week, too. Sometimes it's nice to just forget the weigh ins for a week-we need a break from all that madness once in awhile.