Thursday, August 21, 2008

summer concerto

it was a good idea to ride my bike to my boyfriend's apartment yesterday, because this morning i just zipped home (it's mostly downhill on the way home) and i didn't have to wait for any sort of slow delayed transit. it was a good date last night because he made me dinner, but also not that great since we bought a futon (just a few doors down... but still) and then had to carry the massive frame and mattress up 2 flights of super steep narrow stairs. and then put it together... and of course the instructions were ridiculous. there were two lengths of bolts... long and short - and it didn't tell you where to use each one. eventually i figured it out and now he has a really nice futon.

even yesterday i was feeling the effects of getting too much sun the day before. i wasn't really burned since i used sunscreen, but felt really weak and weary. oh woe is me. yesterday at the end of my swim i was beginning to feel a little faint, like if i got out of the pool at that exact moment and tried to walk over to my towel, i might not make it. i was fine though.

in a few moments i am going to do the pilates 50-minute fat burning video. it starts with some basic stretching, then some cardio dance-like moves, then more stretching, and then the last ten minutes or so is actual pilates mat floor exercises. it's a pretty good workout i think.

and then tonight i am going to see blue rodeo at the outside amphitheatre. my friend's boss gave her free tickets... not complaining! finally it's a beautiful summer day! (not raining)


Erin said...

My husband put our new BBQ together last night, and it was nuts! There were SO many parts, but luckily there were none leftover even though I don't think he followed the directions. Have fun tonight!

Jen said...


Sounds like fun times!!

I hated putting together our futon...then it looked good when it was done...and my dog chewed it!!! BOOO!!!

Hope you are feeling better now!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Glad you were OK. After what I went through on Monday, I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone!