Tuesday, August 26, 2008

time flies

i just finished my pilates 50-minute fat burning workout. i always am sweating at the end of it, but i'm not sure just how good of a workout it is. i guess any workout is better than no workout, right?

it's a windsor pilates dvd and on it is the 50-minute cardio style workout, a 20-minute "circle" workout, and a 10-minute boost workout, if you are in a rush or something. i've tried them all. the 20-minute is alright... definitely needs to be paired with some cardio. the 10-minute one is a total joke. but the 50-minute one seems to be worthwhile. the whole package including the circle and a suggested meal and exercise plan only cost $9.95. that's cheep cheap like a little bird.

so i think my bum pain is finally gone. i'm able to jump on that leg without feeling any pain which is amazing to me. i'm going to wait until september before trying to do any running, and i think that i might do the couch to 5K plan again instead of running my usual distance. i'm sure i could just do it, but i don't want to injure my body and easing into it is always the best plan. the bad news is that i think i'm feeling leftover shin splinty pain in my right shin. what gives body?!?! what gives! does anyone know how to combat this annoying pain?

in other news, lately i can't get enough cottage cheese. there is this brand called "dairyland" which i've found in walmart and shoppers drug mart and the fat-free version is suprisingly thick. i've stirred cottage cheese into my oatmeal, and i also like it plain with added chopped fruits. i've heard of making pancakes with cottage cheese but i've yet to try it. maybe tomorrow.

last i went to see "mama mia" the movie. it was really cute, but i didn't think that meryll streep was a good enough singer to sing ABBA songs. ABBA songs are really REALLY good and i cringed a few times, especially during "the winner takes it all" which was painfully long. tonight i am going to the movies again... this time to see "the sisterhood of the travelling pants." i've read all the books so it should be good. and since gilmore girls is over, this is as close as a fix as i can get!


Jennifer said...

I was never a cottage cheese fan, but I'm glad you like it! I tried it once and it was a total gag-fest. Egg whites on the other hand I can't seem to get enough of.

Have fun at the movies! I'm going to see SofTP2 tomorrow night and I can't wait, so let me know how you like it! :D

Amanda said...

Cottage cheese pancakes are really good. I've made them and they turn out super light and fluffy.. Like you, I read all the SITTP books and loved them, but this movie is just kind of ok. It’ll make you laugh and it’s nice to see all the characters again but they jumbled all the story lines and mixed them up. I guess that is what happens when you only have 2 hours worth of film time and 3 books to plow through, right?

Bi0nicw0man said...

I heart Dairyland cottage cheese. Back in BC, Dairyland was one of the only dairy brands we could get so I grew up with it...and when I moved here to the East Coast I was horrified that I was going to have to learn to like a different brand. Thankfully a few places carry the Dairyland cottage cheese and sometimes their chocolate milk...but none of their other products.

I do hate fat free cottage cheese though...I think they put gelatin in it to make it thicker...like fat free sour cream....so I buy the 1% variety and it's perfect. I like it straight up with s&p, or mixed with pineapple. It's good like that on top of a waffle too. :)

I totally agree about Mamma Mia....I thoroughly enjoyed it...except for Winner Takes It All was too drawn out.

Oh, and since this is already a crazy run on comment...I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that I miss the Gilmore Girls!!

CaRoLyN said...

I was never crazy about cottage cheese eiother but then I tried the Dairyland fat free and it's sooo good. AND it's so much cheaper at Walmart. Score.

I love Mamma Mia. It totally made me want to move down south to a tropical island and live there for a couple years. I'm going to the Sisterhood on Sunday, can't wait to hear what you think!

Yay on the absent bum pain. Glad you can start feeling normal again!

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