Monday, August 25, 2008

what to do what to do

i have a dilemma. since i am not working my life is pretty lax. i go to bed late, wake up late, do whatever i want (within reason) and eat whatever i want. this lack of routine kind of has me feeling drained. especially lately. is it allergy season or something? i can't decide if the tickle in my nose is allergies or an oncoming sickness that is threatening me but never comes.

i think i need to eat better. i know it's easier to eat healthily when following a routine (for example, working) but i don't want to wake up two months from now and be a blob or something resembling that. i'm not really gaining weight but since i'm not running i think i'm losing muscle mass and my shape is changing. maybe i'm losing muscle weight and gaining fat weight and since muscle weighs more i'm gaining fat and that's not good. maybe. i need one of those fat scales but at this point in my life that might be an excessive investment!

so what do to what to do? i don't want to be that strict with myself but i want to feel better. maybe an 80 to 20% ratio of good choices? instead of 90 to 10% i mean. not sure. maybe smaller portions? trying different foods? who knows. writing everything down?

that sounds alright. today i will write everything down. maybe later i will look at the canadian food guidelines to see if i'm missing anything.


SeaBreeze said...

I always try to start the day with a serving of vegetables, because for me it sets the tone. Might be an idea to try.

Haley said...

Writing everything down is SOOO helpful -- it really keeps you honest with yourself.

You might also focus on one area and make a mini commitment -- like getting 30 grams of fiber, or getting a certain amount of protein, or drinking tons of water (all of which pull me out of my funky nutritional times).

Jen said...

Good call writing it down...I agree with Haley, not only is it helpful but you are keeping yourself accountable.

When I was not working I had a 'schedule' (you know cause I like to plan). Breakfast was "this" at "this" time, then go to the gym, then do laundry or whatever was on my list. I would make myself wait until my set time to eat because even if you are a bit hungry you aren't going to STARVE (unless you feel dizzy, then eat a snack or something). It helped to keep me regimented when I could have been lax.

smellyshelley said...

Can you/are you doing weights or strenth training to keep your muscle tone?

It is so hard to keep a routine when you aren't committed to going to a job. Maybe you could sign up for some community ed. classes or something to keep you busy.

carla said...

it was REALLY TOUGH for me initially working from home.

gained about 15 pounds (dont be me) BUT then I created a homeworkroutine and it was far easier to avoid the mindless snacking.

I was chomping at the computer while I wrote in a way Id NEVER do at an office.


Crystal said...

I agree...writing all your food and beverage intake throughout the day can tell you wonders. You will see if you're eating too much of the less-than-healthy stuff or if you need more fruits and veggies. I also use mine to keep track of my exercise, too.

death by chocolate said...

hey! just starting to get caught up on everything i've missed the past few months and want to say i love the new hair! it looks great on you. few people can pull that look off but you definitely can.

i have to agree with the above posters - writing down everything i eat really helps me to stay on track. what about trying some new workouts, as well? i've recently fallen in love with yoga (although i realize it's not for everyone, might be worth giving it a shot). good luck! i know you'll pull through this mini rut.