Friday, August 8, 2008


first things first - today is friday, my weigh-in day, and i am 121.6 pounds. that is 2.6 less than tuesday, and probably not a "loss" but a better idea of how much i actually gained while on vacation. so really not that bad, although not good considering i can't really exercise. i am going to try swimming again this morning.

my doctor told me to take advil liquigels for the pain. but then my dad was going on and on about how tylenol is for pain and advil is an anti-inflammatory and that's not what i need at all. he has had sciatic pain before and says he knows what he's talking about. i don't know. i took advil my whole vacation and i was far from being pain-free. i just took some tylenol now and am hoping it will let me swim like a normal fish.

yesterday i went to see "the dark knight" with my boyfriend. he actually wants to see mama mia too, but only because he really loves abba. who doesn't? the dark knight was good - action packed, yada yada yada. batman's voice was really breathy and weird though. not the actual voice, but his choice of word timing. and there was too much he's a hero, you're a hero, i'm not a hero, it's you mumbo jumbo going on. and my boyfriend thought maggie gyllenhaal was the worst heroine ever. i like her, but i was more familiar with her from previous movies.

ok and now some vacation stuff:

we left toronto early sunday morning and arrived in SF pretty early (3 hours back) around 11:30 a.m. i had figured out how to take the transit from the airport to the city, and when we poked our heads out of the ground it was ghetto-central - the mission district. lots of homeless crackheads. someone tried to sell us an i-pod nano on the sly within the first five minutes. i realize not all of SF is like this - this is just the first impression.

also it's freezing! i was not expecting california to be so chilly. i knew it was not going to be hot like the south, but it was a bone-chilling, damp cold. we checked into our hotel which was alright but the smallest room i have ever been in (we had to stack our suitcases on top of each other on the floor because there was no room to put them side by side). we were really tired but didn't want to snooze the day away, so we got coffees at this nice place called "cafe trieste" and walked to haight and ashbury, a popular spot for hippies in the 60s.

SF is very, very hilly. normally this wouldn't bother me expect i was already limping and could hardly walk. i preferred to walk uphill because the hills were SO steep, walking downhill put too much pressure on my leg. do i sound like an old man yet? anyway, we saw a man with elf ears... yes, elf ears, and regular clothes, just walking down the street. and then this scene: 045

out of nowhere these people dressed like this were setting up a bubble wrap slide down the hill, rolling down it, and blowing bubbles at each other while they did it. hehehe. here i am laughing about it:049

haight and ashbury was fun but uneventful. later that night (after a nap) we went looking for dinner and finally found a thai place that was open. it's surprising to me how early things closed. then we went to a bar called zeitgeist. i can't believe it's sunny in this photo. our drinks were soooo strong. we asked for two whiskey and diets and 1) they didn't have diet coke... 2) it didn't matter because our pint glasses were filled with 3/4 whiskey and 1/4 coke. it was the strongest drink of my life. i drank half of it and was really tipsy. that's about it for SF! (we went back there at the end of the trip, so i'll have more to say about it later.) happy weekend. :)


Bi0nicw0man said...

Everyone seems to have different experiences in SF. I guess it's all about where you go and what you like to see.

I so totally agree with you about Batman's breathing. All in all I loved the movie but I did comment to DBF about how I thought Christian Bale spent too much time working on his smoker's voice. :) Maggie was OK, but nothing to write home about. I do have to say though that Katie Holmes was a much worse heroine. She is just too cutesy to be taken seriously.

SeaBreeze said...

My SF experience was similar to yours. Lots of hills. Ecclectic people depending on what part of town you are in. REALLY strong drinks, but I find most places in the states add coke "for color" and nothing more.

At least your smiling in the photo. You wouldn't even know you were in pain by looking at it.

carla said...

happy weekend back atcha.
Ive not been to SF and SO wanna go (now and before).
could barely stand CB in the movie so Im not gonna lament that again here :)

hoping the tylenol works wonders,


Jenn said...

I hope that the Tylenol works for you. I feel sad that you are in pain still. :(
Those people with the bubble wrap look like they are having fun. I don't get what they are doing at all, but its a really cool story to have.
Have a great weekend!!!

Jen said...

*laughs* I want to roll down a bubble wrap hill!!!! That sounds hilarious!!!

Wow, I am so sheltered I would be like WTF if someone offered me an iPod nano...I would make a big deal about it and probably get shot or something...sad...

I agree with Batman's voice...WEIRD...and oddly, I loved Maggie...hated Katie so LOVED Maggie...she had balls.

And yeah, I LOVE Abba...I think Danny would actually go to a musical (any one I have made him watched he actually enjoyed it...not that he would admit it to anyone!!)

Erin said...

That is such a funny picture! I would not have thought that it would have been so cool there, either. I love Advil, I hate Tylenol. Your Dad is right though, ibuprofen is a NSAID, and helps with inflammation with the pain. It can't do any harm though - it will get rid of pain and if there is any inflammation (there usually is with back pain, so that is why your DR prob told you to use it) then it will get rid of it also. For me, Tylenol never seems to get rid of my pain, I don't know if my body is so used to it since that it what I used growing up all the time ? I dunno...that is just my opinion on Advil vs. Tylenol!

Sara said...

I totally agree about his voice - worse thing about it!!

My dad takes tylenol for his sciatic pain.

Have fun swimming!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) And congrats on the weight -- sounds like you did awesome! I would've gained sooo much, but you barely gained anything! YAY!