Monday, July 20, 2009


i need a vacation to recover from my vacation. this morning at work i had to buy coffee from the coffee truck. i needed it real bad. there is this truck that drives up to my building several times a day and sells goodies ... don't ask me why!

anyhoo, the weekend away was pretty good. i was a bit crabby on the drive up because my mouth hurt and it was traffic city. the two hour drive took 3 and a half hours! we even drove through this crazy rainstorm ... i thought the sky was falling. we got there eventually and everything was dandy. what fun! i had a great time - although i had way too many bud light limes and wine and other drinks as well.

on saturday i roped another guy there to go for a run with me and so i strapped on the garmin and we went 2.5 miles one way and 2.5 miles back. on the first half we saw a baby fox. it was so cute. we also saw a dead squirrel on the road but it wasn't squished. it looked as if it wandered into the middle of the road and just decided it had enough of life. on the way back it was actually squished but i didn't look. gross. :(

at night it was freezing. here i am wearing long pants, boots, a long-shirt, two zip up hoodies, a leather coat and a hat. yes, chilly willy nilly.

on sunday my bf and i played some "catch" with this velco game i bought at walmart. it's fun - like catch for dummies. you just have to put your catching hand in the general vicinity of the ball and it's easy.

if you can't see the ball (it's above my head and orange) i have no chance of catching it haha.

monday = back on track. i ate way too many things this weekend. hamburgers, cheese wieners, potato chips, sugary coolers, BEER. we did pack carrots and hummus, and whole wheat buns. oh yeah, we packed these delicious looking angus burgers but our cooler was on the patio and raccoons came and opened it in the night and ate them all ... just the burgers! those sneaky buggers. luckily (luckily...) there was lots of food.

what was i saying? oh right, monday = back on track. i just went for a 5-mile run and it was pretty good. i hate running on mondays but it's nice to be active. i've started to start each day with 500 ml of water (even before coffee or tea) and i'm really liking the way it feels. for breakfast i ate 1/3 cup oatmeal with 1/4 cup all bran, blueberries and some vanilla yogurt.

lunch was a spinach salad with a chopped vine tomato, 1/2 chopped red pepper, some sliced white mushrooms, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup black beans, and two leftover slices of deli chicken with low fat balsamic dressing.

for a snack i had a multigrain vitatop and some unsalted roasted soybeans. they sell them at the walmart supercentre and they are SO CHEAP and so good for you. they are only made with soybeans and canola oil. 1/2 cup has 120 calories, 10g fibre and 22g protein.

for dinner i had a green smoothie made with frozen banana, tons of spinach, a few blueberries, a scoop of chocolate protein, 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup water. alright i'm sick of blabbing and i need a shower big time!


fittingbackin said...

Glad you had a fun visit to the cottage! although - boo about the weather and the hamburgulars. hehe Good for you for getting your work out on while you were there - i sometimes have the best intentions but it doesn't work out!!

Lainey said...

^ Ha ha at hamburglars! LOL

Glad you had fun! Those velcro catch games always look so fun!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

haha, catch for dummies! Sounds like a fun weekend...good for you for running!!

Mary said...

Wow, a coffee truck? Coffee that comes to you? Love it, need it...where do you live? ;)

Fatinah said...

that sounds like a hoot!!

I guess what makes you so successful is having your fun and including activity in that fun and then getting right back at it with a (gulp) 5 mile run on a Monday!

500ml of water BEFORE coffee? I can't even imagine that!!

Pinky said...

In California and most of the U.S. and Mexico we have what is called a "Taco Truck". You can either find them at certain locations on the side of rural country roads or they drive up to your place of business at certain times of the day. Here they sell Mexican food, snacks and drinks. I am kind of glad I do not have that luxury anymore because the food was just too tempting and way too fattening but oh so good.

Jen said...

VERY good idea to start the day with water!!! I think I shall steal that idea!!!

It sounds like you had a fun weekend!!! I love those velcro mitts!