Friday, February 1, 2008

snow day

today i am working from home because it's a snow day! yippee! thank you mother nature. by working from home i mean i went back to bed until 9:30, changed some light bulbs, enjoyed a delicious coffee, made a pumpkin oatmeal pancake from kath eats and here i am. the pancake was MUCH bigger than i thought it would be. and very tasty. i will actually do some work today, since i brought some home yesterday (my boss told me to), but since technically i have all weekend, i can be a little slack. i wasn't going to go to the gym today, but since i have all of this time, i might as well. i'll do a walking incline interval workout. i thought about going swimming as well (yes, my condo has a pool... pretty sweet) but i really can't be bothered. i used to be a lifeguard and now hate getting wet. seriously. i like swimming but can't stand being wet for longer than i have to. i NEVER let my hair air dry or go to bed with it wet... *shudder*

anyway, speaking of exercise, it is now feb (yes!) and i put 21 stickers on my calendar in the month of january. i will post a photo on monday. friday is also weigh in day and i am 118.2 today, down 1.4 from last week. i hate being thisclose to my upper number (115-120), some breathing room is nice. i avoided snacking at night this week and i think that's what really helped.

i can finally post those pictures from my "not a model" shoot - for that CD cover. see here and here if you don't know what i'm talking about. the images are NOT going to be on the cd cover... too bad. the band was signed to a new label that didn't like the concept, even though the band did... i don't know. not a big deal. here are my two favourites:

high five! ok, off to the gym. have a great weekend everyone! :o)


Jennifer said...

You are too cute! Love the pics! :0)

Shannon said...


Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Too cute! I love the pics. You're so teeny tiny :)

Enjoy your snow day!

P.O.M. said...

Those pics are really cute. Not like cutesy cute, but funky cute.

I would give my right toe nail to work from home (oh wait, it's already fallen off). ha ha.

RunnerGirl said...

I love the pictures, looks like you had a blast.

Cara said...

all I can is that you are awesome. I am jealous, in a good way :-)

Lex.D said...

I love the pix, hun, you look great!

Gahh, I wish I could have a work from home day/snow day which so many ppl have been talking about lately. Not for me, I have to grin & bear the ice & rain.