Tuesday, December 18, 2007

guess what?

my life is pretty awesome. i'm friends with this photographer guy - mostly through facebook - he shoots for the globe * and *mail and ma*clean's * magazine (i'm trying to derail search engines here haha - will it work?) anyway... he contacted me because he is shooting the cd cover of this disco-pop-funk band from que*bec and wants ME yes ME to be on it. at first i thought it was pretty ridiculous and that someone like ME shouldn't do that, but then i thought - why not!? i felt a bit shafted after i didn't become an aveda hair model a couple of months ago. and it should be really fun. i am going to jump on a bed in short shorts or something - which might seem a little weird to some, but i've been assured that it's going to be "cute" not "risque" and really, i'll only be young once so now is the time.

that's pretty much it - except the biggest loser finale is tonight.

today i'm eating:

cheerios with soy milk
a chocolate toffee treat
coffee coffee coffee
oatmeal with raspberries and blueberries
2 slices whole wheat bread

let me end this post by saying that i love edamame. for those who don't know - it's soy beans in the pods. they come frozen in a bag and you boil them for just a few minutes until you have warm soybeans (still in the pods). then you make a yummy dip consisting of a) soy sauce and b) memories of thailand president's choice sauce. be warned - that thai sauce is spicy! so you dip, then you suck (out the beans.) mmmmm.


Randi said...

Yay you! totally on your way to being a supermodel, or at least a band groupie right? So cool.

Also, I've never eaten edamame with any kind of sauce, just plain. Have to try this now!

CaRoLyN said...

Your a celebrity! That's awesome, make sureyou post pics of the cover, we want to see it!!

I've never even heard of edamame before. Hmm looks interesting...

Thanks for the tip!

Sara said...

Oh my god that is so exciting!! I can't wait to see pics! It is a local band? Maybe you can try out for Cda's Next Top Model - oh please do I'm dying for someone I know to be on that show!

I keep meaning to pick up some edamame - must put on list!