Tuesday, December 4, 2007

soft opening tuesday

weird title? maybe. last night i went to the gym right after work. i ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes non-stop and then walked on an incline until i burned 400 cals total. i have a weird obsession about burning a rounded number of calories, or going a certain distance (even numbers only). ocd? maybe. anyway, i kept my eyes on the screen and i am running 5k in just over 29 minutes, which i am really happy with. i did the usual weights and got back on the elliptical for 20 minutes because i know i won't have a lot of gym time this week. i wasn't feeling too good - all shivery. i blame my office because the heat doesn't work and it's freezing. yesterday i wore my coat all day.

last night i packed up all the books and videos in my living room. and washed towels. i have a lot of books. at least 6 boxes full of them—it's always the biggest pain when moving. i think my best bet is to go from room to room and pack one room at a time, that way i can just leave each room behind. it's hard packing because my roommate isn't moving out until the end of the month, so i'm sorting between both of our stuffs.

today i brought my gym stuff again to go right after work. i'm only going maybe and if i do just the elliptical, no running. i want to give myself a day off between runs and tonight is the "soft opening" of the tattoo bar and i'm going to see my bf's band play.

here is what's on the menu today:

old fashioned oatmeal with sweetener brown sugar and cinnamon, and pumpkin
3 mini clementines
microwave meal of whole wheat penne and vegetables
2 slices sprouted grains toast
probably some social tea cookies (yum)

and dinner is a mystery. i have 1/2 spaghetti squash left from last night so probably that and something else.


Sara said...

I can't believe it is moving week already! It sounds like you got one hell of week coming up - I'm so not jealous!!

P.S. I hear you with the books. My parent's basement has like 6 boxes waiting for my first house!

Anonymous said...

i am so like that too, about round #'s for calories and distance when exercising. heheh.