Monday, December 17, 2007

back on monday

it's a winter wonderland out there today. the snow on the weekend was insane. i only left the house yesterday to walk to the grocery store (it's very close.) my anniversary went very well. i made my bf a photo scrapbook with this awesome backgrounds. he really liked it! we went skating and to the ballet and to a comedy show - recreating our first date. oh, young love. so nice.

another rad thing is that my couch was delivered on saturday - yahoo! having somewhere to sit is really something you don't think to appreciate until you don't have it haha. i will take a photo because it's a very attractive piece of furniture.

one more week of work - and one more week until christmas! ahhhhh! i got my bf tickets to the nutcracker, and since that was his surprise for our date on the weekend i'll have to think of something else.

weight wise everything is going well even though i've been eating holiday treats. i've been pretty active and usually only eat two bigger meals on the weekend. tonight i will hit the gym for treadmill cardio.

today's menu:

fat free cottage cheese with mixed berries
dark chocolate cookie mound (i made these and brought them to work)
oatmeal with raspberries
carrots and dip (homemade fat free sour cream and french onion dip powder)
2 slices whole wheat bread
chef boyardee microwave NHL pasta cup. mmmmm.


Cara said...

what is the dark chocolate mound? sounds delish!

Sara said...

I'm soooo jealous that you went to the Nutcracker. I love the ballet.....anways I'm glad you had a great anniversary!

Raising my water glass to having a place to sit!!