Tuesday, February 12, 2008

r is for romance

so... what's everyone doing for valentine's day? on the actual day (thursday) my boyfriend is taking me.... nowhere! it's not a good day for romance because i have tap class and he has band rehearsal... i think. anyway we are going to swiss chalet tomorrow night instead. 
you may think... swiss chalet for valentine's? isn't that lame? no, it is not because 1) swiss chalet is tops and 2) we are going on a romantic mini-break holiday weekend to niagara falls from saturday until monday! yahoo! and we are staying here at the Brock Plaza which is one of the nicest hotels i've ever been to. did you know it was named after general brock? he's a hero, look it up. and that marilyn monroe stayed in this hotel? 

it's something to look forward to. i am feeling really unmotivated about everything. i don't want to do anything. i am forcing myself to go to the gym but only because i'm hoping this feeling will pass. winter blahs anyone? last night i ran on the treadmill and went on the stationary bike, and this morning i walked on the treadmill. tonight i am going to clean my apartment (for sure) and then "chillax" in a major way. 

there are treats in my office - a big basket of chocolate and candies was delivered from hong kong for the chinese new year. grrrrr. i could not resist the temptation yesterday but today i will. happy tuesday, and here is my menu:

1/2 pc blue menu cinnamon raisin bagel

post walk:
other half of bagel

breakfast at work:
grapefruit (this was insanely delicious... go out and get one immediately)
berry fiber oatmeal

carrots with hummus
ham and swiss on whole wheat

cup of cottage cheese with fruit



Jennifer said...

Swiss Chalet is awesome! DBF and I go there all the time, and what's even better is that it's cheap! Haha. Very good for broke me who is saving for school.

Cara said...

We aren't doing anything that big for V-day. Eh. We just did a lot for our anniversary though and we are both broke. heh.

I know what you mean about the blahs, but they have seemed to leave me with the 80 degree weather we are having. but once this heat wave passes I will be blah again. dont hate me for the weather. heh.

Vanessa said...

Pfft, Lucas and I are going to Applebees for V-day, and the only reason we're going out at all is because we got a gift cert for Christmas. Enjoy your Swiss Chalet!

eurydice said...

jennifer: yes, swiss chalet is awesome. my favourite dish is the messy chicken sandwich although i'm less prone to get it these days. my bf and i used to order in... until they forgot the gravy (not the sauce) twice in a row! not cool swiss chalet. but in the restaurant is heaven. it's always good. and it's cheap too which i LOVE.

cara: i am so jealous about the weather. seriously. let's swap houses for one day lol.

vanessa: at least you guys are students and can use that excuse... my bf and i both have jobs haha... and yet we are still going to swiss chalet. it's good though. we don't see the point in blowing too much money on a fancy restaurant... especially since we are going away as well!

Sarah said...

Going out is not 'fun' for my BF, so I will making a yummy dinner of shrimp scampi and some cheesecake brownies for dessert, HOWEVER they will be the 'healthy' version that was in the Hungry Girl newsletter today! Win win, he stays in, we get a romantic dinner, and I get to eat chocolate without all the guilt.

And I am completely unmotivated also, winter blahs galore. I have forgiven myself though, and I know I will get back into it as soon as the weather starts cooperating!

Sara said...

SC sounds good, I'll take it!

The blahs are tough especially b/c it has been so windy and cold and snowy that it is hard even just going for a walk outside. The weather will break though and just think of how great it will be!!

Lex.D said...

Ok, swiss chalet is so awesome, no matter what! Your weekend sounds amazing. That hotel looks FREAKIN INCREDIBLE!!! You're definitely going to have a fun + romantic time there!!

As for me, I have no clue what's happening on Valentine's day. i tend to make most of the decisions with stuff, but this time I want to be 'taken care of' so to speak. IE: not make the decision lol
chances are we'll go somewhere last minute like last valentines when we went to boston pizza for heart shaped pizza.
who knows

Anne said...

We aren't doing the fancy dinner either,it's too expensive, well it's too much to go where we really want to go!

Have fun at SC, I keep forgetting about that place and there is one around the corner from our house. Will keep it in mind.

katieo said...

Oy. I've been the QUEEN of the winter blahs lately. Finally though, we've had a couple of sunny days that has really perked me up. It's still in the high 30's, and there's still a ton of snow on the ground, but just seeing some of it melt. And not having blizzards every other day IS really helping. I hope it comes your way soon!