Monday, February 11, 2008

frigid monday

WOW it's cold today. -15°C or feels like -24°C with the windchill. i am wearing leggings underneath my pants and it's making me feel a bit chubby. this weekend was alright although i was a real grumpy gus for no reason. 

friday night i went to a bar for my friend's birthday. there was a good band playing but the venue was SO SQUISHY. seriously couldn't move. and there were mirrors on the walls that gave the illusion of a big space but alas that was not the case. 

saturday i went for a run at the condo gym. it was alright except i felt asthmatic and it was hard to breathe. i normally don't have this problem. in the day my boyfriend and i went grocery shopping and picked up a movie - the heartbreak kid with ben stiller. it was funny in parts but mostly stupid. at night we were supposed to meet my boyfriend's friends at a dance bar, but the line was too long. we went somewhere else but not for long. both friday and saturday night i passed out big time - from exhaustion! i don't know why i am so tired lately.

on sunday i met some of my girlfriends at the movies. we saw persepolis which was amazing! we read the books in our book club. i really recommend both the books and the movie. i visited my family in the burbs and watched the jane austen book club with my mom and sister. it was cute. i sure watched a lot of movies this weekend... i don't even like watching movies that much because i have a short attention span. 

food wise i didn't make the best choices. shall i list them? poutine, licorice in large quantities, movie popcorn, ketchup chips, pillsbury turnovers, pasta with alfredo sauce. :( this week i need to get back on track with healthy eating. for me, that means only eating when hungry. the body is very smart and will tell me when it's time for more food. i hope anyway. 

today's menu:
1/2 weight watchers bagel (1)
coffee (0.5)
pc blue menu oatmeal (2)
banana (2)
campbell's butternut squash soup (4)
goldfish crackers (1)
2 clementines (1)
fat free yogurt (1)
1/2 weight watchers bagel (1)
and for dinner... i have leftover pizza so maybe that and a salad. 


Cara said...

I hope your morning warms up!!

I also need to get back on track this week eating right ;-)

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

-37 with the wind chill in Winnipeg today, if that makes you feel any better ;).

I hate squishy bars!

Sara said...

I had a movie watching weekend too!!

I love the Persepolis books - one of my aunt's authors! I haven't seen the movie yet but have heard great things.

Jenn said...

I HATE this cold weather.
Right now it is 10 degrees farenheit here, but the wind chill makes it -17. I know thats not as cold as celsius temperature, I can't imagine being that cold!

Its ok to take a weekend off from being on plan every once in a while. But today is Monday - its the perfect day to start again!

RunnerGirl said...

I was just complaining about the cold weather in Ohio, but it sounds like you've got it worse!