Monday, February 4, 2008

monday monday can't trust that day

ah, monday again. i had a great weekend. on saturday i went for a jog and then hung up a picture and made the other bedside table. we went to a fun party outside of the city - it was a house party and so cute... there were little bowls of candy everywhere, and in the basement a jam room so we rocked it out. i played the drums (not very well). smash boom bang!

yesterday i visited my parent's in the burbs. on the way i stopped off at planet organic in port credit. everyone on the blogs has been talking about it and i wanted to see what was up. i bought a can of adzuki beans, some maple nut oatmeal, annie's whole wheat mac and cheese, and a container of that creamy tomato soup. mmmmm. i got the beans because every time i watch you are what you eat, the host goes on and on about how great and good for you these beans are. i plan on throwing some in a salad tonight. at first i got some dry adzuki beans from the bulk section, then i found them ready in a can. i put the bag (of bulk) on the shelf and just as i was doing it an employee says, "SO! (loudly) are you finding everything you are looking for?" uh oh... caught in the act! i felt like a jerk for the rest of my shopping trip but i'm over it now.

after that i went to pier one and bought the chair of my dreams. it was on sale and here it is, although i got it in black:

these chairs are so rad. they look so retro, and i can fit my entire body in it, which is great for cozy reading time. and in the summer i can drag it out on my balcony and read there... can't wait. i have ALWAYS wanted a chair like this and now all my dreams are coming true.

THEN i had some tire air pressure problems and my dad made me go (right away! and with him) to the gas station to put more air in. during the superbowl! yes, that's right - my dad left the football to help me with my tire woes. personally i don't care about football but he does. i thought that the superbowl just happened in november but apparently that was the grey cup. shows what i know!

anyway that's about it for now. i am not exercising as hard this week. tonight i am meeting up with a friend for a drink with a capital D. looking forward to it!

my menu today:
oatmeal pumpkin pancake (2)
clementine (0.5)
coffee and tea

oatmeal (3)

turkey sandwich with mozzarella on whole wheat (6)
apple (1)

yogurt (1)
grapes (1)
granola bar (2)

salad with adzuki beans and chicken or veggie burger (5)

drink with capital D (2)


Cara said...

Your menu looks amazing, as well as your chair! That is awesome. I am glad you had a great weekend!

Sara said...

I love those chairs - lucky girl!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

I love the chair! It looks sooo comfy.

I can't wait to throw awesome parties with drums in the basement at my new house :D

Lex.D said...

Omg, NICE purchase.. i LOVE Papasan chairs!! Soooo comfycozy!!

I swear, store helpers these days are never around when you need them, only when you when you're harmlessly leaving bulk foods on the shelf. LOL.

Your dad sounds like a sweetheart to leave the superbowl and help you out with your tire! :)

P.O.M. said...

Enjoy your Drinks tonight. Rough Monday for me and I'm looking forward to my red, red wine becuase it makes me feel so fine. ha ha.

Shirls said...

an old roomy of mine had one of those chairs and I thought it was sooo comfy, I can understand why you love it.

Jenn said...

I have one of those chairs and I love it! It was given to me by a friend of my mom's who was moving out of her apartment into a house, and she didn't have room for it. I happily took it! Its got to be at least 5 years old, and its still in great shape. :)