Wednesday, February 13, 2008

it's only wednesday

it's only wednesday. but that's ok. last night there was ANOTHER major snowstorm. it took me a really long time to get home on the streetcar. it's brutal out there. even though today is cold it is thankfully sunny. i need sunshine in a major way. hurry up summer. i am fantasizing about dragging my new papasan chair out on the balcony and reading in the hot sun, while drinking a calorie-free iced beverage. doesn't that sound nice?

so tonight is my big swiss chalet date. apparently there was a "misunderstanding" and my boyfriend thought we were ordering in, while i thought we were going to the restaurant. don't worry, i cleared it up ;) but seriously, if it's too cold or whatever i'd be happy to order in. although ordering in... i don't know. sometimes it just doesn't do it for me. if i'm going to eat at home in front of the tv (because that's what happens at home) i'd rather have something healthier and cheaper. so we'll see. i like to order in thai food. i used to live near this great thai place but not anymore. boo hoo hoo. they had the best spring rolls and panang chicken. the thai food i like the best uses peanuts and coconut milk which is not the best in terms of health.

i am really looking forward to the weekend. yes, the brock plaza hotel is amazing. marilyn monroe stayed there while filming a movie. and...

"As Niagara’s first luxury hotel it has long been a favourite of Hollywood elite and royalty. Since it’s opening the Brock Plaza has played host to notable guests throughout history including Walt Disney, Shirley Temple, Jimmy Stewart, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth, and perhaps most famously Marilyn Monroe while filming the movie “Niagara”. In recent years the Brock has been graced with appearances from Sylvester Stallone, Matt Dillon, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, and has even appeared on film. The ending to “A whole nine yards” starring Matthew Perry was filmed on the balcony terrace on the 11th floor."

we actually went to niagara falls and stayed at the very same hotel last year around v-day, for free because my boyfriend's parents had some sort of points we redeemed. i got a great deal this year though... niagara falls is awesome - there is a lot to do. i will post some pics from last year's trip tomorrow... they are really funny trust me (and not just to me because i'm in them).

in terms of eating, i am not doing that well. did i mention that a printer in hong kong sent my office a huge basket of chocolate and goodies for the chinese new year? hershey's kisses, chocolate pizza, chocolate almonds, chocolate spoons, jujubes, popcorn, lemon butter cookies, shortbread, chocolate mints, peanut brittle. the list goes on and on. thankfully there are no more chocolate almonds as these are my weakness. did i mention there aren't any more because i took them home and ate them all? yeaaahhhhhhh.

today i am focusing on mindful eating. healthy snacks between meals to avoid the crap.

organic maple nut oatmeal with a few blueberries and 1/3 banana

snack (only if i'm hungry):
cottage cheese

mc frozen dinner
frozen peas, microwaved

swiss chalet


Sarah said...

I know what you mean about eating! I'm almost tempted to cancel Valentine's day and eat salad for a week, but that's not fair! To me or BF.

And OMG a basket of chocolate?! I can't blame you... thats just evil.

Jenn said...

There is no way I would have been able to resist that much chocolate. My mouth is almost watering now at the thought of it. Its been a week now since I've had any chocolate!!!

I love Thai food too!!! We don't have a place around here to get it, so I make it at home. Its never quite the same though....

Sara said...

I love minibreaks in Niagara - but we haven't stayed at the Brock - we will have to keep our eyes out for it!!

Have a blast celebrating vday tonight!

RunnerGirl said...

A basket of chocolate? Sarah's right, that's evil.

jodi said...

i hate vendors because they always send stuff like that, esp. around the holidays... one our printers sent these HUGE chocolate covered apples around xmas - you know, the kind that are the size of a basketball? boy, they were tasty! ;o)

have a great valentine's day! :o)

Lex.D said...

Holy moly chocolate!!!

sounds like you'll definitely have a great time at that hotel. i'm a teensie bit envious, but still happy for you!

Can't wait to see the pics