Thursday, February 7, 2008

bunnies in a car

toot toot! so...

i like to drink something hot before bed... tea, just hot water, a hot alcoholic bev... anything! so last night i made my boyfriend and i drinks with mint chocolate baileys. 

i used:
2 cups unsweetened almond joy
2 T splenda
2 shots mint chocolate baileys 
3-4 drops of red food colouring which made the drink a pinkish colour. 

i added the food colouring to make it seem more minty, if that makes sense, like a peppermint. the drink actually came out really thick and sweet and yummy. i told my boyfriend about the food colouring and he said great idea, and now that it's pink, can't you taste the strawberries in it? 

and i could! isn't that so weird? that because i was drinking a pink drink and thinking about strawberries, it began to taste like strawberries. so weird. one of our upcoming books at work is a science book, and there are experiments that prove the power of sight and suggestion really influences taste. for example, if you stare at an apple while biting into an onion or radish, apparently it is supposed to take on an apple-like flavour. true or not? try it out... but it's in the book for real! 

so maybe this power of suggestion is why i can eat healthy versions of my favourite foods and think they taste so great. i love mashed yam and cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes, but i think of them as a mashed potatoes substitute and that's why they are so good. who knows. 

there is SO MUCH SNOW on the ground this morning. ayayaya! and tonight i have to drive (to tap class) too. one more day until the weekend!

OH YEAH! the poll is over. 
11 people store their cups lip down
7 people put them lip up
and 4 people put "other"

very intriguing! if you put other, TELL ME how you store your cups, glasses, and mugs! i am very interested! i personally store my cups lip down, but could go either way since i use so many my cupboard is often empty, meaning that there really is no chance of dust collecting. 

so i'll think of a new poll soon. i was going to ask if people believed in the power of taste suggestion, but "yes" or "no" answers are boring! 
today i'm eating:

a oatmeal pumpkin pancake
fiber berry oatmeal
2 clementines
a ziploc bag of red seedless grapes
a ham sandwich with swiss cheese on rye bread
a fibre source granola bar
coffee & tea
and for dinner... not sure, but i'm dining solo tonight so maybe another oatmeal pancake (i love them) or perhaps a veggie burger, or maybe even a lean cuisine pizza. 


Cara said...

your picture made my morning. :-)

Sounds like a great drink. My boy and I made one of those the other night but with coffee. Even though it was caffeinated, it put me to sleep within 20 minutes. hahaha.

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Haha, cute picture.

You drink sounds good! It's so true about sight and suggestion influencing taste. Funny how easily our minds are tricked :).

Sarah said...

That is hilarious about the strawberries! I agree though, the power of suggestion is a huge thing.

Jenn said...

The drink sounds yummy. Too bad I gave up chocolate for lent!

Be careful driving around in all of the snow!!

RunnerGirl said...

Sounds like a yummy drink!

Sara said...

yummy yummy. I love me some baily's!