Friday, February 29, 2008


friday in list format:

1) weigh-in day! this morning i weighed in at 118.2 pounds, which is 2.2 less than last friday, and more than 4 pounds lower than sunday. i'm feeling really fit and i owe it all to a) exercising every day b) oatmeal and portion control and c) having the willpower not to snack between meals and my planned healthy snacks, and at night.

2) this morning i got up early and did 80 minutes, changing intervals on the treadmill. i read two, yes, two, entire people magazines during that time. i am a big fan of borrowing magazines from my mom (who's office has a people magazine subscription) and the library, since i go through them so fast.

3) i am spending tonight on my own, so i am going to canadian tire to buy paint for my apartment. also, i think i'll go to walmart and look for some new workout shorts. i usually work out in pants but lately i've been into the shorts. and i only have one pair of somewhat suitable short and they are way too big for me. can anyone suggest some neat paint colours for me? i have a red couch in the living room, and velvety curtains. here is a picture of the pillow on my couch. see those circles? well i was thinking of using those colours as inspiration. maybe a gray wall colour. silvery-gray, not blah-gray. and then what about a green bedroom. i really like green... it's so fresh. i still have the bathroom, den, and kitchen. i love yellow kitchens... but i don't want my house to look like an easter egg. although i do want it to be vibrant and fresh looking. advice! i also like purple and was thinking about that or blue for the bathroom. also, does anyone have any tips to make a room look bigger? my den is very small and boxy.

4) anybody doing anything exciting this weekend? since it's just me tonight, i might make a pizza (or buy one) and rent a movie, or watch what not to wear. isn't that looking good naked on tonight? is there anyone in canada who has seen the american and not the british version of this show? for some reason whenever i see it on the tv guide channel it's the british version. it's good, but maybe less relevant to north american ways... i don't know. tomorrow night i am going dancing at my favourite 50s and 60s rock n roll night. i haven't been dancing in sooooo long - winter hibernation has been setting in.

today's menu - more oatmeal!

pre-work out:
4 almonds

post work out:
handful of cinnamon shredded wheat

weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal

cottage cheese

fibre berry medley oatmeal

cookies and creme oatmeal
banana yogurt

dinner: maybe pizza!


Bi0nicw0man said...

We painted both our bedroom and our living room green. Both similar colors but the living room is more earthy and the bedroom is lighter/brighter. We intend to paint our bathroom the same as the bedroom (because they are attached) but I'm leary of the green bathroom....might make me look green in the mirror! It's yellow right now and I like it, but DBF doesn't.

The living room color is "Pacific Pine" (I think) by CIL.

I like your idea of the silvery grey for the living room. Very hip! :)

Vanessa said...

Green is AWESOME! I've been contemplating painting my bedroom...perhaps I will steal that idea...:D

Silvery grey for the living room sounds great. I would love to spend time in a room like that!

Have fun dancing :)

Jenn said...

Congrats on the awesome WI! :)

I think a bright pretty green sounds like a fun color to pain a bedroom. Silver-gray might make a room look smaller if it creates alot of shadows? I honestly have no idea.

Have fun dancing!!

Randi said...

I cannot believe how much oatmeal you are eating. It's ridiculous. Good for you for finding something you like that works though!

Cara said...

Woo hoo! Good job! That is awesome!

I wish I had some idea of how to make colors work. The next place I live I hope I can paint the walls and make it my own type of place. I will be crossing my fingers. :-)

Lex.D said...

I'd say green, but i'm totally biased cuz I LOOOVEEEE green

Yellow can be nice and not easteregg looking if you get a good yellow. Definitely test some out. It makes a kitchen so light and airy feeling, especially if there are minimal to no windows

swienick666 said...

Just out of curiosity, how tall are you?

Erin said...

Yahoo on the weigh in!

I am all about the gray colour, it is very IN right now. And there are so many shades out there now, it won`t be a blah colour.

I love, love, love yellow - but I agree that it can be too much. Green is a good alternative if you want something bright and happy.

EVERYTHING in our house is Riversand (pretty much beige)... It is very ope concept and so we pretty much had to keep it all one colour and neutral-ish. It makes me jealous when people get to do fun stuff with their paint!

eurydice said...

hey everyone: thanks for all your paint tips. i couldn't even go tonight because it was snowing too hard and i didn't want to drive, but i'm going tomorrow for sure!

swienick: i'm 5'6"

swienick666 said...


Sara said...

I think the colours you suggested are great - I loved grey for a room, I love green and I love yellow!!

Mirrors are always a popular tip for small rooms

Anonymous said...

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