Wednesday, February 27, 2008

doing well

wednesday and it's FREEZING today. wowee wowee. but it's ok. last night for dinner i had peas, cauliflower with frank's chili lime hot sauce, and mix of tuna, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes mixed with mustard, baked until hot, and served over a slice of multigrain toast. i made way too many veggies so i have a bit left for lunch today YUMMY. i knew i really should eat tuna when i was STILL craving it. maybe i heard john tesh talking about mixing it with mustard or something haha.

so canadian girls, i have a freebie for you. it's a 32 page guide to your health called live well: a woman's guide to optimal health. i can't vouch for how good it is because i just ordered mine this morning. but why not order it? it's free (my favourite price).

i am feeling good about my weight and health, but i'm not stepping on the scale until friday because a) it's tom, which truthfully i don't think affects me as much as other women and b) i don't want to get discouraged.

i got up again this morning and walked for 60 minutes on the treadmill. i bumped my speed up to 3.8 mph and changed the incline from 0% to 11% every 1.5 minutes. EDIT: i also forgot to mention that i actually went swimming in the condo pool last night - only for about 1/2 an hour and definitely not strenuous, but it was fun and i will go again soon.

here is my menu today:

pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with added flax

toffee yogurt

leftover peas, cauliflower and tuna mix

vanilla yogurt
cinnmon roll oatmeal

not sure as my boyfriend is coming over tonight.

ps. it turns out my kitchen scale was not delivered because UPS didn't have my apartment number - GRRRRRRR. hopefully it will come soon now that it's cleared up.


Bi0nicw0man said...

yaaiee for tuna! haha. I just thawed out some tuna noodle casserole because I had a craving too.

maybe I'll add some mustard...


Sara said...

hmm I love tuna.

Thanks for the book tip - I've just ordered mine!

Jenn said...

I love tuna too. But I hate mustard, so I won't be having that combo!

I'm so jealous of how you got to go swimming - I miss summer and swimming so much right now!!

CaRoLyN said...

Hmmm tuna and mustard? Sound interesting actually.

I'm not stepping on the scale again until Friday again! I keep jinxing myself and wondering what's going on. I KOW I'm losing weigh because I can feel it but I'd like to see that nice big number on Friday!

Good job on the exercise front! Wahooo!

Lex.D said...

I ordered my copy! Thanks for the link! :)

Hopefully you get your scale soon. I reaaaaaaaallly dont' like UPS. Always problems with them.

good for you for going swimming!! I love having a pool in my apt. It's so convenient & fun!

RunnerGirl said...

Hope you get your scale soon . . . I hate waiting for stuff in the mail. Makes me crazy!

Erin said...

I will NEVER get on the scale if I think it will discourage me. I always wait a few days until I think it will be better. Maybe that is cheating, but whatever.

Cara said...

I should have had that same reasoning on why not to step on the scale this morning. Boo. Stupid scales. Hahaha.

Good job working out and going swimming.

I am thinking warm weather thoughts for you, maybe it will get to you through osmosis. :-)

eurydice said...

bionic: add it!

sara: no problem

jenn: i used to hate mustard until i realized it was the lowest calorie of all the condiments... now i can appreciate the taste.

carolyn: i have managed not to step on the scale yet... my results tomorrow better be good!

lex.d: it was you always talking about swimming that inspired me to go!

runnergirl: hoepfully they didn't send it back to home depot :(

erin: it's not cheating, so long as we actually get on a few days later.

cara: keep thinking of the warm weather please... it's not working yet! lol