Tuesday, February 26, 2008

feeling better already

i think my oatmeal plan is working. by the end of the workday i had three packs of quaker instant oatmeal and i truthfully i was a little sick of oatmeal. but then for dinner i had oatmeal pancakes (and peas). funny because this morning i got a comment on my last post suggesting oatmeal pancakes. maybe it was the vibes of the universe ;o). i didn't really feel hungry all day, except before my workout and dinner. already i feel really in control and less likely to snack on things that i don't need. i want my stomach to get used to eating small meals, 4 or 5 times a day, and this really helps. and already i'm craving weird things like tuna and mustard.

last night i went for a 4 mile run. i had to stop and start a little because my womanly areas were feeling funny (wed. is t.o.t.m.) - also i had to go to the bathroom. so i walked for 5 minutes, ran for 25, walked for 2, ran for 5, walked 2, ran 3, walked 2, ran 2, cooled down walking for 5. in the end it was more like 4.6 miles but i wanted to get a full 35 minutes of running in. i also did some stretching, sit-ups, and strength training. i went to the bathroom in the women's change room, connected to the pool, and it is soooooo nice. why am i not swimming more? maybe i will swim tonight or tomorrow morning. maybe!

my oatmeal pancakes were delicious - i added flax. a side of peas may seem strange to some people but i figure that i only can eat whatever i want for dinner for so long, without having to think about other people, like "men" or "kids" so i might as well just eat what i want.

this morning i got up early (i also went to bed early which was amazing for me because i love staying up but then always regret it) and walked for 81 minutes on the treadmill. i walked at a speed of 3.7 mph which is really comfortable (not too fast) and changed the incline from 0% to 10% every 1.5 minutes. a good workout for sure, but not necessarily difficult which i like.

so it has come to my attention that when i'm in the car listening to the radio, which is rarely because i usually only ever drive on sundays, i sometimes enjoy the john tesh radio program. the speaking parts, not the music. is this a sign that i'm getting old? anyhoo, yesterday i downloaded his diet and fitness podcasts and i've been listening to them on the way to and from work, on the streetcar. i really recommend them. it's just a bunch of really short tips and tricks for dieters - like things you may not know, or what to eat to feel full, or what foods have more brain power etc. he really is pushing for everyone to eat oatmeal in the morning. maybe that is why i like him so much. and he just seems like a real guy - he mentions his daughter from time to time and says that if he didn't follow his own advice he'd weigh at least 25 pounds more. so i'm recommending his podcasts to you. there are also ones about relationships and other stuff which i will move on to soon.

doesn't he look like a reliable guy?

anyway, i'm oatmealing it up again today, so here is my menu!

1/2 boiled apple, chopped
weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal
cottage cheese cup with mixed berries

banana creme pie yogurt
cookies and creme oatmeal

snack or lunch 2:
fibre berry medley oatmeal

maybe oatmeal pancakes and peas again. it is really yummy :)


Jenn said...

I've never tried making oatmeal pancakes - but after I finish the batch of regular ones that I froze, I'm going to make them.

Swimming right now sounds like so much fun!! :)

Cara said...

I wish I could run 4.6 miles in 35 minutes. Lordy you rock!!!

When I ate my oatmeal this morning I thought of your oatmeal diet. haha :-)

I have never heard of cookies and creme oatmeal. Where did you get that?

eurydice said...

jenn: i just combine equal parts oats and egg whites and 1 t baking powder - then you can add anything... fruit, mashed banana, vanilla, splenda, flax. they are really yummy!

cara: i will post a photo for you :)

Erin said...

Ha, I have heard him on Sundays also. Sometimes it is really, really funny. Like once it was him reading tips on how to get over a break up and it was like he was reading it from some old ladies magazine. That picture of him is pretty funny.

I have seen that oatmeal, I never thought that it would be yummy! I kinda assumed it belonged in the dismal Dino Eggs category.

Sara said...

wow that is a hell of a lot of oatmeal. I don't use steel cut I just buy the regular oats and cook them in big batches. But cookies and creme does sound yummy.

John Tesh - too funny!!