Friday, February 22, 2008

where does the time go?

happy day it's friday! yesterday was the science fair and it was fun. except the gym was FREEZING and for some reason my body (especially my extremities) can't stand any temperature but warm. seriously walking outside my feet are always ice blocks. do other people have this problem? 

some of the science projects were awesome! there were these two super cute girls who tested different types of wool for "feltability" which means they knitted squares of sheep wool and felted (washed in the machine on specific settings) so that the fabric binds together and turns into felt. oh they were sooooo cute. "we are both avid knitters" they said. i hope i have daughters just like them (one day!) another girl tested the effects of chlorine on hair, and another girl looked at different fast food fries to see which ones had the most preservatives (burger king haha). very fun. 

and it was also fun to see my boyfriend in his element. his students asked, "is that your girlfriend?" and he said, "no just a science fair judge" and then they saw us walking together at lunch and accused him of cheating on his girlfriend. :o) hahaha. 

friday is weigh-in day and i gained again even though i was really good this week. i only gained 0.4 but still, now i am above my maintenance range which sucks the big nut. i am not upset about it really, i just want to stay in control. 

i woke up early this morning to exercise but changed my mind. i could have done it but i did work out on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and my body really needs a break. last night at tap i was the worst tapper ever. i could have fallen asleep standing up. sometimes i think i push it too hard. i hate being idle so i'm always doing something or going somewhere. it's important to relax too!

this weekend is going to be really fun. tonight i am going to challenge my boyfriend to a friendly game of scrabble for a prize ;) and we are going to make chicken soft tacos for dinner (he doesn't know this yet). then we are going to watch kenny vs. spenny episodes that one of his students leant him on dvd. kenny vs. spenny is sooooooo funny. it's these two friends in toronto who just compete with each other doing ridiculous things... like seeing who can not talk for the longest. ha! tomorrow we are going to the leafs game! YAHOO! we are going with his parents. my boyfriend's sister is this awesome young broadcasting talent and she is the in-house host for all of the home games. she is on the ice, on the jumbo-tron, you can even hear her voice (at home on tv) every time the whistle blows. anyway that's going to be really rad. 

on sunday my family is having a double party for my dad and sister - he is 60 and she is 22. and then i am coming back into the city for an oscar watching party! busy but fun. 

and finally, here is today's menu:

clementine (0.5)
berry medley oatmeal with flax (2.5)

coleslaw with ff caesar dressing (1)
1 cup mushroom barley soup (1)
turkey on sprouted grains sandwich (3)

2 clementines (1)
all bran bar (2)
yogurt or cottage cheese (2)

chicken soft tacos 


Jennifer said...

Hey Eurydice! I wanted to thank you for the comments you left on my blog. They really helped me get my head back on straight :) Tomorrow is a new week, and no matter what weight I am at WI, I will get back on track. I'm trying to do Maintenane today, so I'll be eating about 32-34 points. I'm starving too so that's a good thing. I also drank 4 litres of water! Yay!

No worries on your gain, hun. You'll have that off in no time! You're doing soooo well! :)

Erin said...

Ha! Kenny vs. Spenny is very funny, my husband used to watch it all the time. I remember this one about who made the best kids party. Pretty sad and funny at the same time.

About 5 years ago I judged some science fair projects, and all I kept thinking was, "Who would let their child bring that crappy thing to school?" Yours sounded WAY better. I mean, there are only so many volcanoes you can see at A GRADE EIGHT science fair. Sad.

Lex.D said...

OMG i'm aaaaaaaaaaalways cold. I feel so bad for my bf because our heat is always on.. high (it's almost embarassing to comment on the actual temperature lol). He's always so hot but I'm always so cold. I can't figure it out

Have fun with scrabble & kenny vs spenny. it's hilarious lol

RunnerGirl said...

Those science projects sound pretty cool. And I'm jealous you're attending an Oscar party, I'll be watching it alone as the Hubby refuses to take part in the festivities!

Haley said...

Ice cube feet --yep, I totally relate. The rest of me can be warm and cozy but my feet will be freezing -- it may be a circulation thing.

Have fun at your oscar party!

P.O.M. said...

The science fair sounds like fun!

I was at Growers Direct yesterday (it's like a big veggie/fruit market) and they had a big bag of clementine - totally made me think of you. ha ha